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Happy World Toilet Day!

A #ThrowbackThursday moment:

In honor of World Toilet Day we’re looking back to Matt Damon’s first mention of this three years ago:

Yes, there is such a day.  And it is today.  How are you celebrating?

Matt Damon announced that he was not going to go to the bathroom until everyone on the planet has clean water.

You can see the press conference  where he announced this right here:

Now how serious Matt was, I don’t really know.  That is a long time to hold it.  I’m certain he was serious about the strike and the meaning behind it.  And he made his point in a hilarious fashion.

Matt’s heart is in the right place in wanting to make sure everyone in the world has clean water and sanitation.  Whether that will ever happen is unknown.

But I got a really cool cup for donating to his cause at  And for more information, check out


Now go hug your toilet and have a great day!


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