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Dearest Extremist Assholes

There’s no law saying you have to like or accept Biden as President. But not liking or accepting him doesn’t give you the right to destroy property, threaten lives and kill people.

We never liked or accepted SHITHOLE as President. Mainly because he wasn’t one. He was a SHITHOLE. And he proved it every day. If he had ever proved himself to be a “president”, maybe more of us would have accepted that and he’d still be one. But it’s difficult to re-elect a “president” who wasn’t even a “president” to begin with.

It’s a free country, as we all know and as you extremist assholes keep touting. You don’t have to like the President. As you can tell, not many like the one who is about to leave office. But although we didn’t accept or like SHITHOLE as President, we didn’t storm the Capitol, destroy property, threaten lives, including the Vice President and kill people like a bunch of banshees from an uncivilized world. Instead we IMPEACHED SHITHOLE and VOTED HIM OUT. Because THAT is what a sane democracy does.

So I’m going to tell all you extremist assholes what you told us four years ago when your precious SHITHOLE won the “presidency”:


And my favorite from SHITHOLE himself: WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE?


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