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Give the Teachers a Shot

I can understand why Massachusetts has gotten an “F” rating on their vaccine rollout.

Between the lack of vaccination sites, the inability to be able to find an appointment, confusion, lack of computer-friendly sites and easier ways for the elderly to book an appointment, the rating is what the state deserves. We can also add the fact that the phases are fucked up.

Yes, I agree that healthcare workers, first responders, etc. should’ve been in the first phase. From what I understand, some in this phase are still in the process of getting their vaccinations. What I don’t agree with is putting the 75+ crowd ahead of teachers. For one thing, there are more of the 75+ crowd than there are teachers. In fact, they are part of the largest population. So it’s going to take a while to vaccinate them all. The 75+ crowd, although vulnerable, are not as vulnerable as teachers who place themselves in schools every day with students and other staff.

I can’t speak for the 75+ crowd, but considering the handful of people in this age span that I do know, they don’t go anywhere. Unlike teachers who, for schools that are teaching in-person in some fashion, physically go to school every day. And are in contact with many people every day. That’s why we keep having so many COVID-19 cases every week. At least in my school district.

Wouldn’t it have made sense to get the teachers vaccinated first, before the 75+ crowd?


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