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You Do You

So here we are six months into vaccination land and there’s a lot of finger pointing going on.

Who’s vaccinated? Who isn’t? Why aren’t they vaccinated? What can I do/say/give you to make you want to get vaccinated? The same thing goes for masks.

At this point in the game, anyone who is going to wear a mask or get vaccinated is doing so. Anyone who isn’t, won’t. It’s very simple.

It’s their choice. Just as it was our choice to get vaccinated and wear a mask.

So stop going on social media every second of every day to tell people to “wear a mask” and “get vaccinated”. Because you’re wasting your time and you’re annoying the hell out of everyone else.

If they were going to wear a mask, they would’ve by now and if they were going to get vaccinated, they already would have.

We already know we aren’t going to reach herd immunity. And in my opinion, even if we did, it still wouldn’t do any good. We know these vaccinations are not a cure. You still have a chance of getting the virus. And we don’t know how long they are going to last.

As I’ve said before, we can vaccinate a billion people in the United States. But as long as there are still cases out there in the world, ANYWHERE, we still have a problem.


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