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Going Up?

Yes. Yes, we are once again going up on COVID-19 cases in the U.S., with almost all the states reporting increases.

And yes, it’s mainly happening in the unvaccinated. But not entirely. Just ask many vaccinated people who visited Provincetown, Massachusetts within the past week or so.

But let’s hold off on even making a booster vaccine for the already vaccinated. You know, in the case of rising COVID-19 breakthroughs. Because, unlike almost two years ago, we now can actually foresee what is going to happen. But let’s ignore it for now because, you know, lack of “data”. And the vaccinated getting sick aren’t dying. Yet. And we don’t know how long the vaccines last. Let’s just wait until the cases are out of control and then scramble our asses around trying to come up with something…you know, like when we were using bandanas as facemasks.

Speaking of which, keep those facemasks handy. Because you’re probably going to be needing them sooner than later. Whether you want to or not.

Enjoy the remainder of the summer. Because the fall, winter and 2022 may not be very pleasant.


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