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The Opposite Effect

You can tell someone to quit smoking or stop drinking or even lose weight. Doctors do it all the time. But telling someone they need to do something, even for their own health or the health of another person, hardly ever works.

The people who need to stop smoking, drinking or lose weight have to want to do it for themselves. Telling them to quit is going to have the opposite effect. Nobody likes to be told they need to do something, even if it may be for their own health. It’s psychological.

It works the same way with the vaccine. The more vaccine enthusiasts keep harking on the unvaccinated to get vaccinated, the less likely they will. Basically they are exhausting themselves, going around and around in circles with no end. And they are tiring most of us. They should be saving their energy to protect themselves from whatever lies ahead. Because there is no end in sight. Maybe what the vaccine enthusiasts need to do is concentrate on when the vaccinated people will need a booster. Or how much longer the vaccinated have before the vaccines wear off. Because that time is near. And then we’ll all be as good as unvaccinated.

The unvaccinated, for the most part, have already made up their minds. There may be a few here and there that will change their minds. Maybe someone close to them will get sick. Maybe they will get sick. But it’s not going to be enough people to make much of a difference in regards to defeating the coronavirus.

Acceptance can sometimes be the most difficult thing. But in this case we are going to need to accept how it is, understand that not everyone is, or even can, be vaccinated (remember: there are millions of children under age 12 who aren’t even eligible; should we start blaming them?) and deal with it the best way we can. It may not be something everyone likes, not everyone is going to be happy, the vaccinated will keep bitching about the unvaccinated and the unvaccinated will keep bitching at the vaccinated to leave them alone.

And who cares who on Fox is or isn’t vaccinated? If you don’t like the correspondents on Fox and what they say or don’t say, stop watching Fox. It’s very simple. If the people who watch Fox believe what they hear, then that’s their problem. Stop making it yours too. It really isn’t worth it.


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