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World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day.

Today let’s not forget that anyone, at any time, may have their mental health affected. And they should not be treated any differently by any medical professional than someone who is in the ER because of a broken foot.

It is sad to realize, and experience with your own eyes, a patient in the ER, who, originally there for a medical reason that allegedly the “professionals” cannot find a cause of, be brushed off as it being “mental” simply because the person indicated they did not feel safe going home because of how their stomach felt. Because they felt if they went home, they would be going back to the ER. Because of how their stomach felt. Not because of how they felt mentally.

And now, because they feel it’s more a “mental” thing, they stick you out in the hallway like a fish to be watched. And you are watched. By people who can barely speak English but can easily sit on their asses all day and “watch” you and the three other people they’re supposed to “watch”. Because you have been labeled as “high risk” or as a “section 12”. These “watchers” wouldn’t know what to do if you actually tried to hurt yourself. They are a joke. Your shoes have been taken away. Your drawstring bag has been taken away. But that charger cord for your phone is okay. Right.

You’re allegedly waiting for a “bed” in some mental health hospital. They’re supposedly doing a “search” for an available bed, but right now all the beds are full. Because there is such a worldwide mental health problem. Christ, you’re lucky to have a mental health counselor and a psychiatrist. Then you’re told that the “team” is thinking that you really need to go back up to the other regular unit you were originally in, when you first were admitted to the hospital, and they can evaluate you medically and mentally there. Because you probably wouldn’t survive a mental health hospital. But they have to wait until next week because they have to discuss it with your psychiatrist who is out of the office right now.

Meanwhile you can’t even watch TV because the TVs are in the rooms where the “medical” ER people are. Because only they deserve to watch TV.

All you deserve is to be “watched” by others.


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