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The Best Protection?

The President of the United States is stating that the best protection against Omicron is simple: Get fully vaccinated. Get a booster shot.

That may be one form of protection for some against any of the coronavirus strains. Unfortunately, there are still many individuals who cannot physically receive the vaccination because it will actually harm or even kill them. This is a fact.

In reality you want to know what the BEST kind of protection is? Even better than getting vaccinated or a booster shot? Because those are only going to last for so long. And we all know it.

The best kind of protection is to (1) stay home as much as possible and (2) if you must go out, wear a mask.

Those two strategies are lasting forms of protection. Longer lasting than a vaccination that nobody knows the endurance of. Your best bet? Get vaccinated if you can, stay home as much as possible and when you go out, wear a mask.


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