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Shortening isolation time from ten days to five days isn’t going to make the coronavirus crisis any better. But it will make some businesses happy. And confuse people, as well as infect many more.

Mailing 200,000 at-home coronavirus test kits to school teachers and school staff isn’t going to make the coronavirus crisis any better. Today is Wednesday. Hope they’re not being mailed regular USPS mail. You’ll be lucky if you get them by next Friday. Remember there are only two more regular mail days this week. And if you’re lucky to get one in time and test positive on Sunday? Guess who won’t be in school on Monday. And that’s just for the teachers and staff. And I doubt everyone will get one.

Waiting in a long line to get tested isn’t going to end the coronavirus crisis. Especially since you’ll be told that you can’t get tested because they just ran out of tests. And tomorrow isn’t going to be much better.

Running around in public without wearing a mask isn’t going to end the coronavirus crisis. But there’s a good chance it could get you sick. Especially if you aren’t vaccinated.


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