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Beyond Proposals

In the shadow of the most recent mass shootings in Buffalo, Texas and Oklahoma, tonight President Biden appealed to Congress with proposals for tougher gun laws.

His first proposal states “ban assault weapons, high-capacity magazines OR raise age to purchase from 18 to 21”. Sorry, but the proposal should actually be “ban all guns of ANY kind NO MATTER HOW OLD THE PERSON IS”. So which would it be? Ban assault weapons? Ban high-capacity magazines? Raise the age? First of all, let’s be more specific. Just say AR-15. And I’m not sure what normal human being wouldn’t even raise an eyebrow at a person in their gun shop wanting to buy an AR-15 and loads of ammunition. Wouldn’t you think they were up to no good? Or maybe the gun shop owner doesn’t care because they got paid, so who gives a shit how many people the son-of-a-bitch blows away? And age? What the fuck difference does it make if the person buying an AR-15 is 18 or 80? The point is THEY SHOULDN’T BE BUYING AN AR-15 IN THE FIRST PLACE!

The next proposal is “expand background checks”. Please. In most states where assholes purchase their guns they don’t even need a license. To even think gun sellers would be on board with that is ludicrous. Because they don’t care about anything but the almighty buck.

Next: “enact safe storage laws”. Yes, because once you own that AR-15 that you have no reason to own, you must protect it from being taken away.

His next one is “address mental health crisis”. Yes, I agree that there is a mental health crisis but not everyone with a mental health issue has an assault weapon that they are going to use to kill a mass of people. I do believe that if you own an assault rifle, which you really shouldn’t own, you probably do have some sort of mental health issue that needs to be addressed. Because owning one of those is not something a person in their right mind does.

The only one I even remotely feel Biden has issued correctly is “repeal immunity that protects gun manufacturers from liability”. The issue starts with them and they should be the first responsible. In the case of any mass killing, there are a lot of people responsible but not the ones left dead. They are just the innocent victims.

Although it will fall on mainly deaf ears and America will face yet another mass shooting tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next, I give Biden credit for trying and at least offering proposals of some sort. It’s more than the Republicants in Congress are willing to do. Shit, they’d watch their own flesh and blood get murdered and still wouldn’t do anything about gun control.


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