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Dealing With Disappointment

By now the world has seen the infamous Sesame Place video of Rosita ignoring two little black girls who were trying to get the character’s attention and obtain a high-five, like the many people before them were able to get. I feel for the kids. I know what it’s like to see your child ignored by a person dressed up in a costume that they so wanted to interact with. And that’s my point.

It’s unfortunate, for whatever reason, that any child, no matter what color their skin is, should be deprived of that moment they’ve been waiting for. The Sesame Place security cameras should be scanned to see how many children on a daily basis are dissed by Elmo and others. I’m sure we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that more youngsters are passed by than are high-fived. Children of all races and abilities.

And race may have been the reason Rosita dissed the little girls. But aside from their race, they are children first. No matter what color. And for any child longing to meet their heroes and not being able to, it can be painful. For them and their parents.

As sad as the Sesame Place incident may have been for those little girls, and any other child this has happened to, which I’m sure there are many, (I can vouch), the moral of the story is: life is full of disappointments. Being dissed by Rosita is peanuts compared to what’s in store for you later in life. Wait until you don’t get into the college of your choice. Wait until you don’t get the job you want. Or the car you want. The house you want. Or the love you want. Again, I can vouch. And I’m sure race, sex and entitlement will be tossed into the picture as well, because they always are. But disappointment happens to everyone. It’s a fact of life.


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