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The Cost of Twitter

Rumor has it that the Narcissistic One wants to start charging people to use Twitter. At least the verified ones with the blue checkmarks. That’s where it will start and then he’ll probably want to charge everyone.

I’ve asked myself if it comes to that will I stay or will I go? Chances are I will go because most of who I follow on Twitter will leave as well. My company has already said they will leave if they are forced to pay.

And I know so many are having meltdowns over the fact that they’ve lost followers. I know Twitter is about following people and knowing people are reading your content, but really. Is it something to freak out about? Is that what you’re all on Twitter for? As a popularity contest to get more and more followers? Because those are the people I won’t follow. To me they are as bad as the Narcissistic One himself.

Right now I consider Twitter to be like the Titanic. And we’ve just hit the iceberg. It’s obvious we are going to sink, just unknown how quickly. Some will jump ship. Some will go down with the ship. The definition of “survivor” is up in the air.



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