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Love This Sweater So Much, I Received It Twice!

I received this as a Christmas gift last year. Remarkably, I also received it as a Christmas gift a few years ago.

Last year I had been wearing this sweater. Because, like I said, I got it a few years ago. It went through the wash and for some reason was never seen again for the month of December. I destroyed the closet looking for it. Could not find it anywhere. I figured I must have accidently gave it away to Goodwill.

Christmas night. My husband and I are opening our gifts from each other. Lo and behold, what do I open? But this very sweater. The same one I already owned and had been missing. No, it was not a duplicate of the one I already had. IT WAS THE ONE I ALREADY HAD!!!!!!!!!!

The only thing we could figure is that somehow when it ended up in the wash and was waiting to be folded, it somehow fell into his bag of gifts he had for me and he ENDED UP WRAPPING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, wait until this year when my husband opens up the Patriots T-shirt he already owns! Won’t HE be surprised! HA!



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