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At this time of year there are many holidays to celebrate. Whatever occasion it is that you may celebrate, my hope is that you fully enjoy it.

Savor your time with family. Especially the children. It’s true what they say: they really do grow up so fast. Wasn’t it only seven or eight years ago that my daughter’s big Christmas wish was a Barbie dream house? Now it’s Apple cards and oh, I really want to get my driver’s license!

Linger a little bit with your elderly relatives. Listen to the same story you’ve heard a million times. It may be the last time you hear it. And then you may wish you could hear it again but you won’t be able to.

Listen to the music. Watch that holiday film you’ve seen a million times. Sit in the room with the only light coming from the Christmas tree. Drink that drink. Eat that food.

The holidays only come around once a year and that’s what makes them so special. Enjoy life. Enjoy the holidays. Absorb it all.



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