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Stupid Is As Stupid Does

I know times are tight and many businesses are still struggling to find and keep employees. Especially pizzerias.

The local pizzeria in my town recently had a sign outside their establishment to entice respective employees. The sign read: NOW HIRING PEOPLE THAT SHOW UP.

Considering this place is nothing special, and I know from their Facebook posts that they always have trouble keeping employees, among many other issues, I thought this was kind of rude. You are, after all, hiring people, probably mainly under 21 years of age, probably many working for the first time, to work in a hot shop making pizzas and whatever. You’re paying them minimum wage. They’re probably required to work on Friday and Saturday nights, when most of them would want to be out socializing with their friends. So of course they’re not going to show up. Every time you go in to this pizza place, there’s all kinds of new people working there.

Now a pizza place in Ohio has gone one up on our local pizzeria. They have posted a sign outside their business that reads: NOW HIRING NON-STUPID PEOPLE. And they claim so many customers find it amusing. But in the article I read, I didn’t read about the influx of employees they have recently hired with their great sign. With an attitude like that, what stupid or non-stupid person would want to work for you? What stupid or non-stupid person would want to order from your establishment? Do you consider disabled people stupid?

Could you imagine a respective business advertising for employees in this manner? Imagine the backlash if any insurance company advertised for employees in this way. Or a law firm. Or a grocery store. My understanding is that this pizzeria has gotten a lot of negative feedback. Rightfully so.

Maybe the reason they keep getting “stupid” people to work for them is because they are a stupid employer. They don’t interview well, don’t ask the right questions, don’t treat employees well. There’s probably a shitload of reasons why they keep hiring “stupid” employees. The “stupid” starts at the top. And that is the person doing the hiring. If they want non-stupid people to work for them, they need to stop being stupid themselves.



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