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In A World By Himself

When Dr. Anthony Fauci declared that trade adviser Peter Navarro was “in a world by himself” regarding the dissing op-ed he penned regarding the doctor, Fauci was completely speaking the truth.  In fact, Fauci has been completely speaking the truth through the entire coronavirus pandemic.  He’s just about the only one who has been speaking the truth.  It’s just, for the SHITHOLE “administration”, at least, they don’t like to hear the truth.  Especially if it’s damning to them.

The op-ed would have been more credible if it had been written by a doctor.  At least a doctor would have had more reason to say something negative about Fauci, who himself is a doctor.  But a trade adviser questioning the validity of a doctor?  That’s like a truck driver questioning the validity of a physics professor.  Would Navarro expect Fauci to question the validity of what Navarro does?  Or doesn’t do?  Because from what I understand, Navarro (as well as the entire SHITHOLE “administration”) does nothing.

No, Navarro only wrote his op-ed because he didn’t like what Fauci had to say about the virus.  I get it.  Nobody likes to be told that a certain medicine would do more harm than good for people infected with coronavirus, although yourself and your “president” believe it will “cure it”.  Nobody likes to be told that their country is doing poorly in fighting against the coronavirus.  Nobody likes to be told so many millions of people in their country have come down with this virus.  Nobody likes to be told that so many hundreds of thousands of people in their country have died from this virus.  Nobody likes the truth when it reflects poorly on them.  It’s like the person trying to lose weight.  Nobody likes to be told that they still look fat, even if they’ve been trying to lose weight.  But the difference there is that most of America isn’t even trying to save themselves from the coronavirus.  In fact, it seems most of the country just doesn’t give a shit anymore.  Or never gave a shit to begin with. And it starts at the top.

When you have a “president” who doesn’t give a shit about Americans, most of America (or at least SHITHOLE’S sheep), are going to think the same thing.  That’s why they don’t like to wear face masks and they still think this entire thing is a “hoax”.  Also, when you don’t have a “president”, you end up with trash members of an “administration” that doesn’t know which way is up. Like Navarro.

At a time like this, America needs people like Fauci.  America doesn’t need people like Navarro or supporters like the SHITHOLE “administration”.  If the “administration” really valued “the expertise of the medical professionals” advising the “administration”, they would fire Navarro.  Because he’s not a medical professional and he’s not advising anyone of anything.


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To School or Not to School

It seems that everyone in government wants to stick their nose into deciding whether our children should be physically attending school come the new school year.  In other words, having school buildings open for children, teachers, office staff, custodians, food service, etc. to risk their lives in the face of coronavirus, all in the name of education.

The delusional SHITHOLE who calls himself “president” and the good-for-nothing “education secretary” Cruella DeVos can say what they want about their desire to have America’s kids to go back to school.  But in conclusion, there’s not a goddamn thing they can do about how it happens.  So if school district X wants to send their students back to school in a hybrid form (say two days at physical school, three days schooling at home), SHITHOLE and Cruella have no say.  SHITHOLE can threaten to take away funding.  Most of the funding the schools get comes from the state, possibly even the town (I know of such a district that relies on most of the funding for the school from the town itself).  So SHITHOLE and Cruella can fuck right off.

What these two idiots, and the rest of their idiotic “administration” need to consider is what happens if these kids go back to school and then suddenly many people get sick.  Including children.  Just because “stats” claim children don’t get sick, doesn’t mean that’s the case.  Many children have gotten sick from COVID-19 and some have died.  Children aside, if all the teachers that taught the children got sick, then who would teach the children?  Of course.  The parents.  At home.

On June 25, 2020 the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education released a 20-page booklet that they call “DESE Initial Fall 2020 Reopening Guidance”. They state that their goal for the fall is to “safely bring back as many students as possible to in-person school settings, to maximize learning and address our students’ holistic needs. With the information provided in this memo, districts and schools should begin planning for a fall return that includes multiple possibilities, with a focus first and foremost on getting our students back into school buildings”.  The document also states that “districts and schools must plan not only for in-person learning, but also hybrid learning models (in which students learn in-person for some of the time and remotely for some of the time) and also full remote learning.  Remote learning may be a necessary option in the fall for some students who are unable to return to school due to underlying medical conditions and potentially for all students if COVID-19 forces widespread school closures in the future.”  They indicate that school districts need to have their plans presented to DESE by August.  But it doesn’t give a specific date.  Hope it’s before August 25, because that’s when my daughter returns to school.  That’s confusion number one for me.

Confusion number two are the discrepancies they present in physical distancing.  The document states that the “federal CDC has recommended maintaining a physical distance of six feet between individuals, the World Health Organization’s guidance states approximately three feet”.  Then under the “Distancing Requirements” section it states “As reviewed and advised by the Massachusetts COVID-19 Command Center Medical Advisory Group, schools should aim for a physical distance of six feet when feasible and three feet is the minimum distance allowed”.  So what the fuck is it?  Six feet or three feet?  How about we go halfsies and call it a day?

I may have missed it but the only time they mention a bus is when they indicate everyone needs to wear a face mask on the bus.  I don’t recall reading anything about how many kids they plan to fit on a bus or how they plan on sitting them on the bus.  Especially if they need to remain six (or three) feet apart.

It is being recommended that students are to be placed in “cohorts” and will remain in their “cohort” throughout the day.  Of course it doesn’t mention anything about the one kid in the cohort who is a bully and chooses to pick on all the other kids in the cohort.  Because you know that will be the case in many “cohorts”.  But that’s another topic for another day, isn’t it?

The guidelines suggest using alternative spaces in the school for teaching (i.e., cafeteria, library, auditorium).  Even teaching outside.  Yes, that will be great in January.  It is even suggested teaching at a different location off campus.  Anyone up for learning at the local Dunks?

I’m not even going to discuss the financial aspects, because apparently this document believes each school district and each school district family is loaded.  Families are to provide their own face masks, but there will allegedly be back ups at school.  Hand wipes.   Hand sanitizer.  Sanitizer I can find.  Wipes I haven’t seen since February.  Disinfecting wipes I haven’t seen since February either and although I know you can order the commercial brand, I hope schools realize that they are on at least a month’s back order.  And to be able to provide enough of these materials for people within a school for 180 days.  For some districts that cost will break them.

I can’t speak for other school districts but mine has laid off twenty-two educators.  I know many others have faced the same situation and that will put a burden on many as well.

None of us know what the new school year will bring.  Anyone physically going to school and getting COVID-19 will not surprise me.  Because that is a very likely scenario.  We can only hope for the best, hope for not many cases and hope for the best kind of education one can receive under this “new normal”.

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If You Can Do This, You Can’t Necessarily Do That

Dumbass Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said today that “if people can go to Walmart and Home Depot, they can go to school”.

That’s the same rhetoric as saying if one can go to Walmart or Home Depot, then they can eat inside a restaurant. Except when one is shopping at Walmart or Home Depot food isn’t spilling out of their mouth and spewing all over the place as they talk while they eat.

It’s kind of like those school kids sitting in the cafeteria eating lunch. Or using the restroom and not washing their hands (because although you tell them to, they don’t always do it–they’re kids).  Or touching something and then putting their fingers in their mouth.  You name it.  A kid will do it.

So, no, Dumbass Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, if people can go to Walmart and Home Depot, they cannot necessarily go to school.  Because they are two extremely different scenarios.

Considering that this is what you’re using to convince your constituents that it’s okay to go back to school, it’s no wonder Florida’s coronavirus cases are sky high.  Look at the idiot running the show.

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What I Didn’t Do On My Vacation

Like many, my vacation plans for 2020 got scrapped with the coronavirus.

My family and I don’t take a vacation every year.  We try to take one every other year.  This year was the “other” year.  Under normal circumstances, we’d be getting ready to leave for Graceland.  Under these circumstances, we’ve already taken a virtual tour of The King’s home and are striving to physically visit next year, maybe even doing it up and possibly staying at the adjoining hotel.  They have some pretty swanky rooms.

So this vacation year will be like the “off” years and we’ll be doing day trips.  Unfortunately, there aren’t many places to take a day trip to where you can actually do something.  Luckily some zoos and aquariums are open so we’ll be able to at least say we did something on vacation this year.  If we time it right we may even be able to hit the beach.  If not, there’s always the pool.  And at least we won’t end up with a ton of sand in our shoes.

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Label It

Regarding the labeling of the latest threatening tweet by SHITHOLE,
Kevin McCarthy tweeted that “citizens have a right to hear directly from their President and decide for themselves what to think about it.”

Americans are done hearing from SHITHOLE, the majority of us were done on day one. Most of us have never listened to a fucking thing he’s ever said. Most of the time he’s incoherent anyway. He has nothing good or nice to say. Why listen to the shit that spews from his trap? If anything he’s been good for a few laughs. That’s about it.

Most of us decided what to think a long time ago. Twitter is just catching on. Labeling SHITHOLE’S tweets is not taking away anyone’s rights to tweet or read threatening messages. They just don’t want them spread. Because we all know SHITHOLE instigates violence. He loves it. He can keep on tweeting his threats and Twitter will keep on labeling them. They should just remove them. Anyone else’s tweets would be removed and they would be put in Twitter jail or even banned. But you know “freedom of speech”. Right?

SHITHOLE is on very thin ice with Twitter. SHITHOLE may think he controls a lot of things, but he really doesn’t. Twitter is one of them.