Waving The White Flag

Yesterday the CDC declared that if you’re an individual who has been fully vaccinated you no longer have to wear a mask indoors or outdoors and you don’t have to socially distance. Unless your local laws indicate otherwise. And most local laws are lax to begin with.

As of this writing if you peruse the CDC government site, you’ll find this information under a link that you can click on. There’s also a link that says “find a vaccine” if you are not vaccinated. The remainder of the site has not been updated since April 13 and it still mentions the prior facemask guidelines.

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that the statement from the CDC yesterday was clearly their ploy to try to incentivize anyone who hasn’t been vaccinated and mainly to try to entice the ones who have no intention of getting vaccinated. Apparently the CDC doesn’t know that the ones who have no intention wouldn’t get vaccinated if their lives depended on it. They certainly don’t care if the CDC says you can go mask less if you get vaccinated. Because most of them weren’t wearing masks to begin with. And then CNN reported: If the CDC’s announcement isn’t enough to move people to get vaccinated, here’s another reason: Cleveland Clinic said Thursday that more than 99% of people with Covid-19 in its hospitals from January 1 and mid-April were not fully vaccinated. Well, duh. Of course they weren’t. The vaccines only started getting distributed in December, mainly to first responders and medical personnel and the majority of the population didn’t even become eligible for a goddamn shot until April. Also, if you were in the hospital with Covid, you weren’t going to be given a vaccine. Shit, I was eligible for a shot in February but couldn’t get one until the end of March because I couldn’t get a goddamn appointment. So fuck the Cleveland Clinic and their poor reasoning.

Which brings me to the next point, which every health official outside the CDC has also brought up: how the fuck are we going to know who has and who hasn’t been vaccinated? Covid tests at the door? Coughing tests? Facemasks wrapped around our arms? Facemask tan lines?

You can’t trust vaccination cards because so many non-vaxers have already secured fraudulent ones online. And would we expect businesses to stop and ask you for vaccination proof anyway?

Personally I intend to keep wearing a facemask as long as there are Covid cases. Although I am fully vaccinated I cannot afford to take the chance, whether it be slight or not, of getting Covid. Because I’m not going to know when I go to a store, a restaurant, a museum or anywhere that the person next to me who just coughed all over the place, who just spewed their saliva when they spoke, who just touched their mouth and then the doorknob, who is singing, who is laughing, and is standing right next to me, less than six feet away, is vaccinated. There aren’t enough, and at the end of the day, won’t be enough, fully vaccinated people in this country, or even the world, for me to fully believe that the person breathing down my neck is fully vaccinated. There have been so many instances during this pandemic where I have been in a store and the person in front of me has coughed or sneezed and although they were wearing a facemask, never took any other precaution. And I thought to myself “thank Christ I’m wearing a facemask”. In September at CVS I stood behind a man coughing his head off while wearing his facemask below his chin. I really felt bad for the woman standing in front of him.

Yes, I agree that it’s apparent the vaccines are doing something. The cases have dropped considerably and I’m lucky enough to live in one of the most vaccinated states. But, even as it says on the CDC website under the “What We’re Still Learning” section: How long Covid-19 vaccines can protect people. Because we don’t know. A good majority of us have taken a risk at not knowing if there will be any future side effects from these vaccines. But I guess it’s better than possibly dying from Covid. Again, we don’t know.

To me the CDC making their statement yesterday was their way of waving the white flag. They have given up. They know that we are at the end of the vaccine process for adults who want a vaccine, that the only ones left to get vaccinated will be children, if their parents allow them to, which I know many are not. They know herd immunity will not happen. And they know that Covid is not going away any time soon. I’m sure they even suspect another wave. And there very well could be one. But they can’t do anything else. So they tell the ones who have been vaccinated, and inadvertently the ones who have not, to take off their masks and party.

Until the next pandemic hits.

You Do You

So here we are six months into vaccination land and there’s a lot of finger pointing going on.

Who’s vaccinated? Who isn’t? Why aren’t they vaccinated? What can I do/say/give you to make you want to get vaccinated? The same thing goes for masks.

At this point in the game, anyone who is going to wear a mask or get vaccinated is doing so. Anyone who isn’t, won’t. It’s very simple.

It’s their choice. Just as it was our choice to get vaccinated and wear a mask.

So stop going on social media every second of every day to tell people to “wear a mask” and “get vaccinated”. Because you’re wasting your time and you’re annoying the hell out of everyone else.

If they were going to wear a mask, they would’ve by now and if they were going to get vaccinated, they already would have.

We already know we aren’t going to reach herd immunity. And in my opinion, even if we did, it still wouldn’t do any good. We know these vaccinations are not a cure. You still have a chance of getting the virus. And we don’t know how long they are going to last.

As I’ve said before, we can vaccinate a billion people in the United States. But as long as there are still cases out there in the world, ANYWHERE, we still have a problem.

We Shouldn’t Be Surprised

So six women developed blood clots after receiving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

This has caused the CDC and FDA to issue a “pause” on the use of the vaccine. Which caused people all over social media to bitch. Yeah, because those six women weren’t them or related to them. And those six women are just the ones we know of right now. Knowing this vaccine caused blood clots in at least six women, why would anyone want to get it? A Virginia woman’s death has also been linked to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Yes, you can argue that the risk of a blood clot outweighs the risk of getting COVID-19. But is it really worth the risk? Especially since Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine is not the only option that we have.

Considering Johnson & Johnson’s reputation, we shouldn’t be surprised by this “pause”. Remember: this is the same company that was successfully sued years ago by 13,000 plaintiffs alleging Johnson’s baby powder caused their ovarian cancer or mesothelioma.

Right now it’s just a “pause” and it’s unknown if it will continue to be used in the future. For now maybe it should be back to the drawing board for Johnson.


It was inevitable. As much as we’d love it, he can’t play forever. But we’re grateful for the years that we witnessed, enjoyed and cherished his talent.

The Pass. The Catch. Squirrel. Minitron. Energizer Bunny. Water Bug. True Edelman.

Many thought he wouldn’t accomplish much, yet he accomplished more than most ever do.

Ride off into the NFL sunset, Jules, knowing you made a difference in so many lives, on and off the field. Foxboro Forever and Forever Relentless.

Things to Keep in Mind

Regarding the asinine new elections law “bill” that asshole Kemp signed in Georgia the other day, there’s many things about this to keep in mind.

First of all, it’s okay to be angry. In fact, all voters should be angry. Voters of any party. Because this “bill” affects voters of all parties. But methinks asshole Kemp isn’t smart enough to realize that. Keep in mind, asshole Kemp is willing to alienate people in his own party. Think about that for a minute.

As for the water and food thing, I can understand people’s anger regarding this. I mean who would want to stand in line to vote for five hours, in ninety-plus degree heat and not have something to eat or drink? I know I couldn’t do it. But I wouldn’t rely on someone else to get me the food or water either.

Keep in mind, everyone is going to have to stand in line without food or water. No matter what color your skin is. Yes, you will argue that more people of color will stand in line for a longer period of time but there is a solution for anyone who needs food or water while they wait to cast their vote. No matter how long they have to wait. Although it states in the “bill” that people will be prosecuted for providing food or water to electors, it says nothing about electors bringing their own food or water to consume. Shit, make it a fucking picnic. Have a goddamn party. Regarding the food and water thing, the actual wording of the “:bill” states:

The law applies within 150 feet of a polling place or within 25 feet of any voter at a polling place.

That means you could get a water handed to you 200 feet from a polling place and all would be well. I also read that polling places would be able to, but not required to, set up self-serve water dispensers for voter. So maybe you’ll be lucky to be voting at a “nice” polling place. But don’t depend on them. Take it upon yourself to bring your own food and water.

Although there’s much more regarding the bill and everything from ballot boxes to the amount of time you will have to early vote, the other really big thing I’ve been reading about are the changes to mail-in voting. Apparently voters will be required to provide either their driver’s license or state ID number, or a photocopy of their identification to cast a mail-in ballot. So, if you don’t have one, at least get a state ID number. Anyone can get one. There’s no excuse.

I know there’s more to it and so many will argue, and have argued, that it’s not that easy. And yes, I agree that may be the case. But how often is something you really want easy? You want to vote? Okay. So your fucking state just made it more difficult for everyone to vote. More difficult for some than others. I get it.

But stop bitching about it and get up off your asses and start shitting for yourselves, Georgia. Coca-Cola isn’t going to help you. Neither is your asshole governor. So fucking help yourselves. Because until you do start shitting for yourselves, assholes like Kemp will keep walking all over you. Because he knows he can.

So go get your picture taken, pack your water and snacks in a cooler and go stand in line to vote HIS ASS OUT!