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The Special One

The Vice President (also known as SHITHOLE 2) thinks he’s pretty special.

So special he can waltz right into the Mayo Clinic and gallivant all around among the patients without wearing a face mask.  Because he’s regularly tested.  And the morons around him are regularly tested.  Or so he says.

Really?  How regularly?  On the hour, every hour? Which we all know is bullshit.  And if that were the case, which it isn’t, maybe there’s the answer to where all the tests are.  They are up SHITHOLE and SHITHOLE 2’s asses.

The Mayo Clinic isn’t getting off easy on this either.  Since it is their policy that everyone in the hospital wear a face mask, and since they didn’t say a word or do a damn thing when this prick decided he was too special to wear one, they are as liable as SHITHOLE 2 is.  Their credibility as a high-ranking hospital just went out the window.  They are fools.  Just like SHITHOLE 2 and of course SHITHOLE.