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Maybe They Just Didn’t Want To Go

I don’t know if it was the TikTokers or the K-poppers who foiled SHITHOLE’S big “comeback” pep rally in Tulsa.  I don’t really care.

What I do know is that if someone really wants to see someone they “admire” (God knows why anyone would admire SHITHOLE–but I digress), they aren’t going to let any kind of bad virus, bad weather, bad press, bad protesters, bad transportation, bad anything get in the way of getting the chance to see them.  Especially if it’s free. Or even if they’re being paid to see them.

Considering the real reason so many of SHITHOLE’S “fans” were dressed as blue seats in a red state last night is because the real “fans” didn’t want to go see SHITHOLE.

They’ve finally grown sick of the same ol’ SHITHOLE show.