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Another Open Letter To Donald Trump

Asshole Don:

On behalf of myself and many others, we want to tell you we’re really sick of your daily whining about “fake news”. In fact, we want to know the following: if what we hear, see, and read is “fake news”, can you please tell us what the “real” news is? As the American public we deserve to know. You’re always bitching about “fake news” but never tell us what the “real” news is. So let’s have it. We’ll wait.

Considering you’ve spent a great deal of time in the pages of the “National Enquirer”, America’s ultimate fake news, I’d think you could tell the difference. But I guess not.

Maybe the reason why you think there’s so much “fake news” is because you haven’t done anything worthy of “real” news. You know, POSITIVE stuff. Like improving healthcare instead of hoping it gets destroyed so you can blame Democrats. We know your sick little plan, ASSHOLE.

You know what one of your problems is, ASSHOLE? I mean besides Russia and the fact you’re a narcissist. You are a very jealous person. Mainly of one Barack Obama. It’s quite clear. Why else would you mention his name with everything you do? Instead of trying to do your own thing, you keep living in the light of Obama.

You’re jealous he had a larger inauguration crowd. You’re jealous he created a healthcare system that you can’t make better. So you’re going to make it worse or none at all. Shit, if you could you’d probably dig up Bin Laden and kill him again, just to say you did. And like the petulant child you are, you’re even trying to outdo Obama on Twitter by creating fake accounts. Some paid for. Some you created yourself. Guess you really know “fake”.  You still have a long way to go before you catch Obama, Katy and Justin. Keep tweeting, ASSHOLE. That hole is getting bigger.

For most people, ASSHOLE, things usually get better. For you they will only get worse.

And get that “real” news to us soon, will ya? Enquiring minds want to know.

Never respecting you,

Most of America



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