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Dear Don–Ooops, I Mean Asshole

A #ThrowbackThursday bit from last October.  Prediction or prophecy?  Certainly karma.  Hm…

Dear Asshole:

Since you are running for president and you say this needs to be fixed and that needs to be fixed, one thing I want to know is what is your plan for fixing it?

The other day you said that Obamacare has to be repealed and replaced “Otherwise, this country is in even bigger trouble than anybody thought.”  But asshole, there are many of us who don’t feel the country is in trouble.  In fact, for many of us, we’re doing better than we were ten years ago.  You failed to mention, asshole, the other day and in the past just HOW you plan on making these changes.  Please, asshole, we need to know.  As the people in charge (and, yes, asshole, WE the people of the United States ARE the ones in charge, whether you like it or not), we want to know what your plan is.  Please tell us.  Please don’t leave us in suspense.  We deserve to know.  Or maybe the reason why you’re not saying anything, asshole, is because you don’t HAVE a plan.  More than likely that’s it.
Ah, I see.  HERE is your plan!  Wow.  My three-year-old niece could’ve come up with that one!
There are so many other fantasies you’ve expressed that I want to know the answer to.  Like how you’re going to make the Mexicans build a wall.  Seriously, asshole.  Are you going to hold guns to their heads?  How are you going to make them pay for it?  Most of those people don’t have a pot to piss in.  You’re so ridiculous with your thinking.  Build a wall.  Christ, that’s something the five-year-old in the playground would say to the bullies trying to get into his sandbox. You want to make America great again, asshole?  Grow the fuck up.
Asshole, I’m not sure if you realize it or not but if you do indeed become Leader of the Free World, all your “dreams” won’t come true.  Apparently you don’t realize that any of your insane delusions have to be passed by Congress.  So if you want to repeal Obamacare, go right ahead and try.  Just remember, asshole,  that Congress hates your guts and Obamacare is still very much in its infancy.  It took eight  years to get it to where it is now.  And it’s not done growing.  It didn’t become developed overnight and it won’t be repealed overnight.  For the sake of millions of people in America who have no health care, I hope it never gets repealed.  Why would you want to take away something that actually BENEFITS your citizens?  Asshole.  Then again, you don’t know about citizens having health care, do you?  Because your own employees didn’t even have health care coverage!  Asshole.
Today you’re all smarmy and giddy, rubbing your hands together like the evil asshole that you are because “new evidence” has come out regarding your opponent.  She says “bring it on”.  Unlike you who hides and tries to cover up your indecencies and indiscretions with lies, finger-pointing, accusations, and pure paranoia.
You know what you are, asshole?  Well, besides an asshole, you’re a SCARED asshole.  You’re a scared asshole so deep in shit you don’t know which way is up.  And you’ve dragged all your moron followers down with you.  You’re so scared you have to blame everyone but yourself for everything that happens to you.  But you know what, asshole? In the end you’ll be gasping for air as the shit swallows you whole.
Remember, karma is a bitch.  And she really doesn’t like assholes very much.
Unfortunately.  Hm…maybe karma will take care of them too!


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