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Someone Different

They kept saying they wanted “someone different”.

For eight years they had someone who was probably the most different President of their lifetime.  Not only was he black, he also wore tan suits, put mustard on his hot dogs, loved his wife and family, showed sincere empathy for his fellow human beings and is the only President in the past 45 years to not have an independent investigation of his administration.

He must’ve been “different” enough for most of America.  We elected him twice.

But then the “different” we had with him changed to “something else” with another person.  What he offered really wasn’t so much “different” but more “distracting” and “disgusting”.  Distracting to the point of near brainwashing for some.  Disgusting to the point where his own “wife” can’t stand him.

They kept saying they wanted “someone different”.  What they got was a Russian laughingstock.  Be careful of what you want.  It may not turn out to be what you expected.


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