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The Things He Can Do

The majority of Americans have figured out SHITHOLE, “Ghouliani” and the rest of the SHITHOLE “administration”.  They are nothing but a bunch of blowhards who talk their talk but really say nothing at all.  They are a group of pathetic, desperate souls just buying any time they possibly can because they know the end of their bullshit is coming.

That’s why when “Ghouliani” goes on TV and states that SHITHOLE can “pardon himself” but probably won’t, it means nothing.  Because “Ghouliani” has no clue what he’s talking about.  Saying one can “pardon” themselves is like saying a criminal can step into a court of law and declare themselves innocent.  And why say you can “pardon” yourself unless you think you’re guilty of something?  Don’t you say “pardon me”, “excuse me” or “I’m sorry” if you’ve burped, farted or done something wrong?

SHITHOLE cannot pardon himself, no matter how many times he and/or “Ghouliani” say it.  They can mention pardons and the Constitution until the cows come home, but they are merely doing it to make themselves feel better.  It’s like the criminal who tries to convince themselves that they’re innocent when they’re guilty as hell.  Like Manafart.  And we all know where he’s heading.

Although SHITHOLE cannot pardon himself, he doesn’t need to feel left out.  Here is a list of things that SHITHOLE can do to himself:

Shoot himself – he pretty much does this every day when he speaks or tweets but we wish he’d really perform this action literally.

Play with himself – more than likely because he’s not getting any from the First Cunt, mistresses or porn stars

Dress himself – jury is out on this

Feed himself – jury is out on this too

Shit himself – will be doing that soon

Piss himself – will be doing that soon also

Kiss himself – being the huge narcissist he is, I wouldn’t be surprised if he does this several times daily

Perjure himself – he’s already proven this

So SHITHOLE should be proud of all he can do and not dwell on issuing a pardon for himself.  It wouldn’t matter even if he could pardon himself.  It would be null and void anyways.



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