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What I Learned From Walt Disney

Never underestimate the power of The Muppets.

Excellent customer service really makes the cost, time and heat exhaustion you suffer worth it. Disney employees are supercalifragilistic to park visitors.

Epcot rocks. Cannot wait for Food & Wine Festival in September.

The Magic Kingdom is overrated. Except for Splash Mountain. That ride is the best. Especially if you Fast Pass it.

Except for The Muppets, forget Hollywood. Toy Story Land is neat architect-wise, but Andy needs some shade and stuff to do pronto. Very disappointed. Slinky and the aliens don’t cut it.

Most importantly, try to rip your visitors off as much as possible with exorbiant prices for food and souvenirs. Sandwiches and Wal-Mart, anyone?

It rains, sometimes pours. Every. Single. Day. At precisely 3:00 PM. With lightning and th

Bring good walking shoes. You’ll be doing a lot of it.



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