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What Goes Around

This is a #ThrowbackThursday to a #ThrowbackThursday.  Appropriate for these times.

Considering all that has occurred this week in the land of SHITHOLE and company, I felt it appropriate to do a sort of #ThrowbackThursday bit revolving around it.

To refresh memories, let’s go back to July of 2016.  During one of his many “pep” rallies SHITHOLE urged Russia to hack Clinton’s email.


If I recall at another “pep” rally he also urged gun owners to shoot her.

Now fast forward to earlier this week when it was learned that SHITHOLE cannot keep a secret.  At least from his Russian pals.

Who is to say that in that “pep” rally from last year SHITHOLE didn’t already KNOW Russia was going to hack Clinton’s email?  It was a secret plot between them, like two bullies on the playground.  And like the loose-lipped SHITHOLE that he is, he opened his pie hole and blurted it out.  Because he loves to talk out of his ass.

I know there was money passed.  Nobody is going to do a hacking job for free.  Especially the Russians. And this statement of his has always been in the back of my mind.  I can’t be the only one who finds it coincidental that more emails were “discovered” only weeks before Election Day.  Especially after this statement.

One may ask, “yeah, but why wait so long?  He mentioned it in July.  The second release of emails was at the end of October”.   True.  But don’t you think maybe it would’ve been easier to “catch on” to what was happening if the email “spill” had occurred too soon after SHITHOLE’S “prediction”?  By October what SHITHOLE had said in July had seeped from many brains.

And now, almost a year later, here we are.  With a special counsel in place for the Russia investigation.  My how time flies when SHITHOLE is dragging a country down.



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