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The Red Beating Heart of Freedom and Democracy

Today, as with many days over the past 19 months, members of the press sat in the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room listening to Sarah “Huckafuck” Sanders ramble on about her lies.

Two nights before CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta was confronted by attention-seekers at one of SHITHOLE’S pep rallies in Florida.  I call them attention-seekers because they acted like banshees when the cameras were on but when the cameras went off, they were a different bunch, willingly speaking to Acosta and requesting to have their pictures taken with him.  It was there that SHITHOLE slurred on and on about how the “press is the enemy”.  So at today’s press briefing Acosta asked Sanders about the recent mention (and not the only mention) from SHITHOLE that the “press is the enemy”.  He wanted confirmation from her that the press is not the enemy of the people.  She refused to answer him.  And in protest Acosta did what so many members of the press should have done by now:  he walked out.

Despite what SHITHOLE or HUCKAFUCK or any one of SHITHOLE’S flock of brainwashed sheep have to say about the press, they are not the enemy of the people.  Think about it.

If you were alive on December 7, 1941 how do you think you got news about what happened in Pearl Harbor?  Unless you were actually there, which most weren’t, you heard it on the radio, probably in a breaking news report from the newscaster at the local radio station.  How do you think most of us learned about the events of September 11, 2001?  Unless you were actually there, which most of us weren’t, you turned on the TV or radio and listened and watched as to what was going on.  Who were some of the first people on the scene at both incidents besides first responders?  The press.  Who were the ones interviewing people?  The press.  Who were the ones helping get messages across to loved ones?  The press.

If it were not for the press we would be uninformed.  It’s unfortunate they need to sit in a room and listen to a liar, whom they know is lying, whom America knows is lying, and report it for what it is.  Because it’s their job.

It’s unfortunate the press needs to report on the misdoings of a person taking up residence in the White House.  And then he complains about it and calls the press the “enemy of the people”.  If only the person taking up residence in the White House behaved himself, the press wouldn’t be reporting negatively about him. He doesn’t get it.

Thanks to reporters like Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, people who cared about Americans and what was happening right under their noses, the country rid themselves of a cancer like Nixon.  He didn’t get it either.  In fact, with all of SHITHOLE’S remarks, wouldn’t you think he could come up with something more original than “enemy of the people” and “witch hunt”?  Those phrases are so 1974.

So the next time you watch the news or read a newspaper and become informed of what is going on around you, whether it’s positive or negative, remember that the person writing or reporting the story is not your enemy.  They are on your side.


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