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Godspeed, Senator McCain

I can’t say I was ever a political fan of John McCain’s.  I wasn’t even familiar with him until he ran against Obama for the presidency in 2008.  Politics aside, over the years I gained respect for him.  You have to respect someone who fought in Vietnam and spent over five years of that time as a POW.  As a Senator, McCain was truly the epitome of what one should be:  a bi-partisan member of Congress willing to stand up for his policies yet willing to work with the other side on their policies.  He certainly wasn’t perfect. A lot of derogatory things about Obama came out of the McCain campaign.  But as a Senator he stood up for his constituents.  Which is a lot more than many current and past Senators have done for their constituents.

I wanted to honor the late Senator in some way so I looked back over my blog and came across a post I wrote after the election in November 2008.  Considering ten years have passed and the country is now in the throes of a would-be dictatorship, it’s eerie to recall how McCain supporters reacted to his losing to Obama.

The first sentence reads:  “McCain supporters state that the Republican Party has lost their ‘identity’ and say they don’t know how it happened”.  Folks, McCain was the identity of the Republican Party.  He was one of the last few who were willing to work both sides.  Maybe that’s the problem his supporters had with him.

I also wrote in the post that unhappy voters stated “no way!” to McCain’s promise to work with Obama.  His supporters were saying they were “really disappointed” and “distraught” about the loss.  Ten years later it still leads me to wonder how much they really believed in McCain to start with.  It was reported at the time that “some voters wrote that they cried through the night, declaring Tuesday a ‘sad day’for the country” while others encouraged Republicans to “hold your heads up high”.  Huh.  Sounds familiar.  Except ten years later America already knew what they were getting.  Or should I say Russia?

It was noted at the time that some McCain voters called Obama a “terrorist” and others said they were “afraid of an Obama presidency”.  Huh.  Again.  Not only would many label the person currently taking up residence in the White House a “terrorist” but also a “mobster” and his “presidency” is everything to be afraid of for this country.  Even scarier than the thought of Sarah Palin being in the White House.  But not by far.  Yet McCain’s supporters “booed” him when he urged them to be respectful and not fear Obama.  Which still makes me wonder how much “supporting” of McCain his “supporters” did.  As I wrote “with supporters like that, it’s no wonder McCain didn’t win”.

If history had turned and McCain had won the presidency instead of Obama, I’m not sure how different the country would be right now.  We will never know.  What we do know is that John McCain was a United States Senator for 31 years and he did his job well.  If there were more Senators today, both Republican and Democrat, like John McCain, Congress would be better for Americans.


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