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Ignorance Is The Tragedy

Unfortunately ignorance reared its ugly head at New Bedford’s Normandin Middle School when an autistic sixth grader was sent home with a disrespectful “superlative award” for “Most Likely to Get Lost in a Crowd”.  “Get lost in a crowd” in what way?  To not stand out?  To not find his way?  Even the student was confused, telling his mother he wasn’t sure why he received the award because he was never lost in school.

The five teachers that signed their names to this “award” should be ashamed.  To even consider themselves “teachers” is a stretch.  The principal isn’t much better.  Although an apology was made, the family was told that because the teachers had left for summer vacation, there was nothing that could be done.  Which is bullshit.  The teachers, and the principal, should be reprimanded for their actions.

The ones who really get lost in a crowd are the ones too ignorant and arrogant to learn about autism.  They are the ones who cannot accept others for who they are.  They are the ones who don’t deserve to be in the presence of a person with autism.

Because a person with autism will tell you the way it is, whether you like it or not.  Unlike so many others in this world, they are extremely passionate about their interests.  They are the most honest people you’ll meet, the most creative, they appreciate the simple things in life and most of all, they don’t judge others.

Unlike the teachers and principal at Normandin Middle School.


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