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Disgusting Hellholes

It seems that the latest thing is to go on social media and argue with others over what to call the places where innocent children are being held captive.

Some say to call the places where they are “concentration camps”.  Others refer to them as “intermittent camps” or “detention camps” or “detention centers”.  I think there’s really only one phrase we can use in reference to these places where innocent lives are being destroyed:  disgusting hellholes.

It doesn’t matter what the fuck you call these horrible places.  What you call them isn’t going to change the fact these children are being treated like garbage, where they aren’t being given enough food to eat, have no decent place to lay their heads at night, have no caring adult to comfort them, for fuck’s sake, they don’t even have a bar of soap or a toothbrush.  Their human rights are being violated daily.  These are crimes committed by the United States government that they will be forced to face and will pay for dearly.

In essence the government of the United States kidnapped children and now that they have them, they don’t want to care for them.  It has become the objective of the United States government to just kill their captives.  Because that’s what they’re doing.  Many have died already and more will die until these disgusting hellholes are shut down.

Like the “administration” behind the running of these disgusting hellholes should be.


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