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Ten things I’m reflecting on as we roll into 2020 and the next decade:

10. We all got a year older

9. Tom Hanks rocks. I knew this already.  I just wanted to say it.

8. You can learn so much from staring at an Abbey Road poster for a half-hour once a week

7. I never knew I could cry so hard in reading a book or seeing a movie trailer, but I did.

6. People on the Autism spectrum truly amaze me every day. Again, I already knew this.  Just wanted to repeat it.

5.  What we carry defines who we are.  Going to make a T-shirt that says this.

4.  Children care more about the planet than adults do.  Yeah, Greta!

3.  Shitty people also die.

2. Mr. Rogers wasn’t perfect, but he was pretty damn close

1. Guns suck and the assholes who use them to kill innocent people suck even more

On that note, I bid you a (hopefully) peaceful, blessed new year.


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