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The Life in Your Time

Say what you want about the New England Patriots.

I’ve read and heard all the stuff tonight, everything from saying it was the end of “an evil empire” to “good riddance”.

But if the shoe were on the other foot, these people would feel differently. What if it were THEIR team who had won 6 Super Bowls, had played in nine, had never had a losing season, won 16 division titles, 11 straight AFC east titles, all with the SAME quarterback and coach for 20 YEARS and everyone hated THEIR team? How would THEY feel to have THEIR team called derogatory names and be told that it was the end? I understand Jets and Browns fans probably wouldn’t give a shit.  But guess what? Every team has a beginning and every team has an end. Even the Jets.

New England fans know the end is near. We don’t know when it’s going to end or how. But that end will just be the start of a new beginning. We’ve been at the bottom of the barrel before (for many, many years). And we now know the bottom doesn’t last forever.

Jealousy is ugly and it’s quite clear when these comments are made that it is jealousy that it stems from. But we can’t help that your team has not accomplished what our team has. Your team COULD, if your team wanted to. Any team could. Even the Jets or the Browns. Notice nobody ever gets jealous of those teams. I wonder why?

Say what you want.  It may make you feel better. But it will not change the New England Patriots and the level they have reached or how their fans feel about them.

Remember the first Super Bowl the Patriots won?  The Patriots were introduced before the game as a TEAM.  No other team before them had even THOUGHT of doing that.  Why is that?  What does THAT say about any other NFL team out there?  As the old saying goes:  There is no “I” in the word “TEAM”.  Think about it. Even an “island” needed an entire team to win.

Nothing anyone says about the Patriots will ever change what they have accomplished or how their fans feel about them. Until your team achieves even half of what the Patriots have, or even just a minuscule of what Tom Brady has, keep your comments to yourself.


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