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Everyone’s lives have been turned upside down because of the coronavirus.  From not being able to physically go to the office to having kids learning from home, it’s been a change for all of us and it’s taken a while to get used to it.  Some may never get used to it.  And I know from recent “protests”, many have lost their patience.  If they had any patience to begin with.

From my personal perspective, there’s many things I’m actually liking about staying home.  First of all, I’ve always been a homebody.  My entire family is.  So to us staying home really hasn’t been a big deal.  I was already working from home three days a week and my husband was working from home two days a week before this all began.  So working from home for us is just another day at the office.  Bonus:  no traffic!  Love it!  I can’t speak for my husband, but do I miss the social interaction of work?  No.  Because I wasn’t socially interacting much with anyone to begin with.  Even within the office, if someone needed something they would email me.  Even if they sat right next to me.  Now when they email me, it’s because they really have to.

My daughter has handled doing her school work at home much better than I anticipated.  In fact, she’s actually doing her work, instead of not going to her classes, like she would so often do in school.  I think it may do with the fact that she doesn’t have to start school at 7:30 a.m. and can work at her own pace.  She’s even done extra work, which is not something she would do when in school.  Several years ago we briefly tried home schooling with her.  Maybe that happened to eventually prepare us for this.  Although this is a walk in the park compared to actual home schooling.

Do I miss going out?  Sure, it would be nice to say, okay, family, let’s go see the latest XYZ film at Cinemagic, which we would sometimes do, depending on what was playing.  And a lot of good movies were scheduled to be released this year.  But going to the movies or mall and maybe, in warmer weather, to the zoo, was about all we did, aside from the occasional actual vacation every other year.  Sometimes the only place I would go in an entire week was to the store.  Which I’m still doing.  So in that retrospect, not much has really changed.

The main thing I’m missing is being able to see my autistic sister.  Before the pandemic I was visiting with her twice a month and although our visits consisted of lunch at Subway and going for a ride to wherever, that time with her has always been precious to me.  She’s loving staying at home, however, because she really dislikes her day program and loves to be at home.  So to her this is a good thing.





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