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Define What You Need

“….We’re tired of not being able to buy the things that we need…we need to open our businesses”

This is part of a quote from one of the nuts in Michigan who thought it was a good idea to “protest” Michigan’s stay-at-home orders.

My question is:  what things that you need are you not able to buy?  Food?  I know for a fact that your supermarkets are open, because I have friends and co-workers in Michigan who have had no problem finding food.  There may be a problem with supply, but right now it’s the luck of the draw.  Toilet paper may be another story.  But that’s a nationwide problem.  Even with that, you are able to order it on Amazon.  I know because I have.

And newsflash:  even if all your businesses opened tomorrow, guess what?  You’re not going to have any more supply than you do now.  It’s going to take MONTHS for the supply to catch up with the demand.  Look how empty shelves were when this pandemic began.  We weren’t even on stay-at-home orders yet and toilet paper was flying off the shelves like everyone had a bad case of the shits.  One week you would shop and there would be a few things left on the shelf, the next week you would shop, and there’s nothing.  For the first time last week, I actually saw toilet paper stocked on the shelf.  Two whole packs containing four rolls each.

These “protesters” say they need to have their businesses open.  Which businesses?  The hairdresser?  The Coach store?  The casino?  Because right now the essential businesses that you DO need (supermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies and even restaurants) ARE open.  These are what you DO need RIGHT NOW to SURVIVE.  The only people who DON’T have a large quantity of WHAT THEY NEED RIGHT NOW are the healthcare workers slaving to save lives.  They’re the only ones who have a right to bitch and complain.

As for any state that decides to open the floodgates and throw caution to the wind, go for it.  You can be the test dummies.  Emphasis on dummies, because there aren’t any tests.   Just stay in your states.  With any luck these states won’t have any illnesses.  But when they do, they better not come crying to the rest of us who are still following stay-at-home orders.  Maybe they can cry to SHITHOLE.  Not that it will do them any good, because he doesn’t give a shit what happens to anyone except himself.


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