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Label It

Regarding the labeling of the latest threatening tweet by SHITHOLE,
Kevin McCarthy tweeted that “citizens have a right to hear directly from their President and decide for themselves what to think about it.”

Americans are done hearing from SHITHOLE, the majority of us were done on day one. Most of us have never listened to a fucking thing he’s ever said. Most of the time he’s incoherent anyway. He has nothing good or nice to say. Why listen to the shit that spews from his trap? If anything he’s been good for a few laughs. That’s about it.

Most of us decided what to think a long time ago. Twitter is just catching on. Labeling SHITHOLE’S tweets is not taking away anyone’s rights to tweet or read threatening messages. They just don’t want them spread. Because we all know SHITHOLE instigates violence. He loves it. He can keep on tweeting his threats and Twitter will keep on labeling them. They should just remove them. Anyone else’s tweets would be removed and they would be put in Twitter jail or even banned. But you know “freedom of speech”. Right?

SHITHOLE is on very thin ice with Twitter. SHITHOLE may think he controls a lot of things, but he really doesn’t. Twitter is one of them.


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