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Face masks–they work

Face masks.  No, they’re not pretty and they’re far from comfortable.  But I do believe they are helping keep the daily coronavirus cases down.  At least in Massachusetts and many other states.  Remarkably, there are only 15 states, and Washington, DC, currently, that require them.  Research has shown that if they had been required nation wide months ago, we could’ve knocked our cases down by 80%.  Now we’re on track for half a million cases by Christmas, especially if Florida has anything to do with it.

For the past several weeks the country, mainly in the south, has seen an influx of positive cases.  Ironically, those states, namely Florida, Arizona and Texas, don’t require people to wear face masks.

Florida is right where Massachusetts was two months ago.  They’re on the verge of reaching 100,000 cases tomorrow.  Massachusetts is at 107,000 cases now and that’s only because we became transparent in our reporting only a few weeks ago.  And we’ve come so far.  We were the third highest in the country.  Now the tables have been turned.  Where the three hot spots once were NY, NJ and MA, they now appear to be FL, AZ and TX.  NY, NJ and MA require face masks.  FL, AZ and TX do not.  Do the math.

Florida had close to 3500 new cases today alone.  To put it in perspective, Massachusetts reported 125 cases today.  It was only a month ago when it seemed we couldn’t get out of the thousands.

You’re a fool if you think the coronavirus is going away any time soon.  It’s not.  It may never go away, even if there is a vaccine.  There’s a vaccine for the flu and that doesn’t go away.  And people who get the flu have been known to have to wear face masks.  So for your own safety and the safety of others, wear a damn mask when you’re out in public.  Even if your state doesn’t require it.


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