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Doubling Up

It occurred to me tonight what the coronavirus vaccine really is. It’s double protection.

See, for the majority of us (or at least the sensible ones) who wear facemasks, we are already protecting ourselves by doing that. Once we are vaccinated, then we will have double the protection. And the fools who don’t wear masks, or half-wear them, if they get vaccinated, will only be partially protected. And the fools who don’t wear masks at all and don’t get vaccinated, won’t be protected at all. But unfortunately, we will still have the need to wear facemasks. Because of the assholes. But we will also have our vaccinations. So we’re double protected.

As for any of the SHITHOLE cultists out there who make statements such as Biden turning from a puppet into a zombie now that he has received the vaccination, remember that SHITHOLE2, TURTLEFACE, GRAB YOUR PEARLS GRAHAM and LIDDLE ASSHOLE MARCO all ran to get their vaccination before Biden. So I guess they’ll be zombies too. In fact, it looks like most of Congress will be turning into zombies, since the majority of them are getting their vaccinations before a great bulk of our medical communities. And I wonder how the zombie doctors will be able to care for your sick asses when you’re dying in the ICU on a ventilator? So cut the zombie shit. Morons.

I find it interesting, yet not surprising, that SHITHOLE isn’t interested in getting vaccinated. Then again, he believes the virus is a hoax and he’s preoccupied with coming up with new ways to try to keep his ass from going to prison. Now there’s someone who is already a zombie!

So when it’s time for you to get vaccinated, I can’t tell you what to do. But for that double barrier of protection, it may be wisest to get your shot. Then we’ll all meet up at the zombie fest and laugh at the fools who are missing out.


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