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A Festivus For the Rest of Us

Grab your pole and air your grievances…it’s Festivus time!

This year I only have one grievance and that’s with people who refuse to wear facemasks.

It’s very simple.  A simple piece of cloth you wear over your mouth and nose will get you into just about anywhere. It will protect you. It will protect others.  Yet so many bitch about it.

Be glad you’re able to wear one and you’re able to go into stores because you’re able to wear one.

I know people who haven’t been able to go into a store, a restaurant, a salon, a gym, a post office, anywhere, since March because they aren’t able to wear a facemask. Those are the same people who are not able to go home this Christmas. Because many of them went home at Thanksgiving and brought the virus back to their group homes.

They are our most innocent and vulnerable population at the same time.

So bitch if you must about having to wear a facemask. But just be glad you have the ability to do so.


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