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It’s Not Their Say

There was an election.

And millions of people stood in lines, sometimes for hours, to have their voices heard. To say that they are sick of SHITHOLE and they want Biden for President. And their votes were scrutinized up and down, left and right and all around. And they found nothing wrong, except for the two fraudulent votes in PA where two people had their dead mothers vote for SHITHOLE. And Biden won. And SHITHOLE lost. Because he is a loser.

Yet there are a bunch of people who consider themselves “senators”, people who work for us Americans, many who were on those very ballots that we cast, who are trying to say that our votes don’t count. That only what they say is what matters.

No, it doesn’t work that way. And they know it.

These assholes are only pulling this shit to benefit the idiot MAGA SHITHOLE supporters, so they can try to save their own asses when their names come up again. Their hope is the idiots will remember “oh, that’s so-and-so. They tried to turn the election for SHITHOLE. They are my hero! And I will stupidly vote for them again and again. Because I’m a dumb MAGAASS.”

Sorry. But these senators do not have a say in what the majority of Americans voted for. And it will not end well for any of them. They will regret the day they ever tried to mess with democracy.


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