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You claim you had an election stolen from you. Considering most of what you’ve had in your life was just handed to you, you have never experienced anything being stolen from you, SHITHOLE.

But let me tell you what has been stolen from America for the past four years, all because of you:

To start with: decency, kindness, respect

civil rights

environmental protection

belief in our journalists

climate control

many lives from violence you incited, whether it be from the “very fine” people you so love and who love you back, like the ones in Charlottesville or even the one life taken today in Washington, DC, or the irrational police enforcement in Minneapolis and beyond which you support.

This is not to mention the nearly 360,000 deaths from a virus that you ignored, downplayed, considered a hoax and swore would just go away. And yet here we are in America with hospitals in nearly every state at or on the brink of ICU capacity.

America has lost its integrity because of you. We are no longer the country the rest of the world looks up to. Rather we are the country the world laughs at.

You once referred to Haiti and other African countries as “shithole countries”. They are nothing compared to the shithole country you’ve turned America into. They had a long time to get there. You only did it in four years.

You violated and ruined the reputations of at least 26 women, not to mention the many businesses and other individuals you have damaged and have stolen from or ripped off with your various criminal acts over the years, even during your “presidency”.

You attempted to steal our health coverage.

You stole from us with your “tax reform” so you could give more money to your rich SHITHOLE buddies, while the bulk of us were owing the IRS money we had never owed before.

So stop complaining about having an election “stolen” from you.

Nothing was “stolen” from you, SHITHOLE. You outright lost. You know why you lost the election, SHITHOLE? You know why Loeffler and Perdue lost their Senate races? Because AMERICANS have spoken and they are saying WE ARE SICK OF YOUR SHIT!!!!!!!! WE ARE SICK OF A GREAT DEAL OF REPUBLICANTS SHIT!!!!!

No amount of SHITHOLE supporters can save you. Let them storm the Capitol. Let them storm the White House. Like the SHITHOLE they support, they are the stupid ones. And there are more of US than there are of THEM.

You said we’d be winning, SHITHOLE. Yet all we have done is lost.

Pack your bags, SHITHOLE. I know there are many places you could be going, but I know for sure one of them will no longer be the White House.


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