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Proceed At Your Own Pace

For my state of Massachusetts masks and restrictions are being lifted this coming Saturday, May 29.

Am I ecstatic? Hell no. Because I know a good portion of the people who will be running around without masks are people who have not been vaccinated. Even in my state, which is one of the highest vaccinated states. No, I do not feel entirely safe. Let’s put it this way: in my immediate family (siblings, their children and their spouses), there are ten of us. Three of the ten are not vaccinated. One is a child under twelve. The other two are adults. The adults have no intention of ever getting vaccinated. That’s just two in my family. Luckily I don’t see them very often. But for the people I see at a store, at a restaurant, name your place, it’s a different story. I’ll look at them and say to myself “there’s a 50/50 chance they’re vaccinated”. And I’ll keep my distance. Even with my mask on.

Am I “vaxxed and relaxed”? Vaxxed yes. But far from relaxed. But since there is little I can do about people not wanting to get vaccinated or the nonvaccinated not wearing masks, I look at it this way:

As a fully vaccinated person, I have the upper hand. I actually have a choice of either wearing or not wearing a face mask. And considering that I know most of the unvaccinated will be choosing to not wear face masks, I choose to still wear one.

For me it’s a wait and see game. I’m going to proceed at my own pace, still wearing a face mask in most public situations, even if not required, for at least the next six months, if not into 2022. Because that’s what I feel comfortable doing. And I’ll see what happens.


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