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How Will We Know?

When it was announced from the CDC that all vaccinated people could now whip off their facemasks and live life “normally”, of course we knew the non-vaccinated fools took that as their queue to go maskless also. The vaccinated people were wondering how they would know who was vaccinated and who wasn’t. Well, over the weekend, I found out how we will know.

While getting a coffee at Cumberland Farms on Saturday I witnessed a conversation taking place between two older individuals, a man and a woman, less than six feet from me. Luckily I was wearing a facemask.

HER (to him, but she could’ve been talking to anyone who was listening to her–it was clear they didn’t know each other): Oh it’s so good to be free from those masks.

HIM (in his crusty old fart voice): You got that right. I didn’t believe any of that shit anyway.

HER: Are you vaccinated?

Pretty bold question for her to ask.

HIM (scoffing): Hell no. I ain’t putting that shit in my body. It’s all a crock of shit.

HER (maybe with a little sarcasm in her voice): That’s okay. I’m vaccinated. I’ll protect you.

At this point I was rolling my eyes so much they were almost up into my head. I hurried up and went to pay for my coffee so I wouldn’t throw it at the asshole. What I really felt like telling the asshole is that, since he admitted to not being vaccinated, he was the one who needed to be wearing a mask. That’s when I realized this would be the way we would know who is and who isn’t vaccinated. And since the unvaccinated fools are brazen enough to actually admit it, we should get it on record and report them.

On the other hand during a visit to Walmart this weekend, I saw more people there with masks than without. Which tells me one of two things: either there are very honest people who shop at this particular Walmart and they are unvaccinated so they are wearing masks, or they are vaccinated and still want to keep wearing a mask. Either way, it was good to see.


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