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If It Makes You Happy

Why is it this time of year people always question themselves on when they should begin to decorate for the holidays?

“I want to put my Christmas tree up. But is it too early?”

I didn’t know there was a law that said you couldn’t put it up before a certain time. Shit, who says you couldn’t keep it up all year? Why question it?

“We shouldn’t put the Christmas lights up until after Halloween.”

Why? Because the colder it gets the more fun it is to freeze while stringing lights on your gutters? Shit, put them up in July. Better yet, just keep them up all year.

“I really shouldn’t start my Christmas shopping until after Thanksgiving.”

Yeah, so you can get the scraps. The best stuff is on the shelves long before Labor Day. Better yet, shop all year round. It will help you finish faster. Chances are you’ll be done before Thanksgiving.

“Is it too early to listen to Christmas music? Too early for Christmas movies?”

Dumbest questions ever. It’s NEVER too early! Shit, I listen and watch all year long! I know the stations that play music all year long. And you always have CDs and DVDs. I have a tradition of watching “It’s A Wonderful Life” on Independence Day. It’s never too early for George Bailey or Clarence.

When it comes to the holidays, don’t pay attention to the ones who bitch and moan when the stores are decorating after Halloween. They’re the ones who wouldn’t want to see anything Christmas until December 24th. And even then it would be too soon.

If putting up the tree in July and listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies year round makes you happy, then do it! Wear that funky Christmas T-shirt on Memorial Day if it makes you happy.

That’s what matters most.


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