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Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make one realize what they have to be grateful for. This year has been one of those years that makes me more grateful than usual.

With Thanksgiving approaching, I’ve been thinking about the people in my life and what they mean to me and my life in general: where I’ve been, what I’m doing and where I’m going.

The most mysterious thing about life is that nobody knows how long it will last. As the old saying goes: “live life to its fullest”. I’ve tried to do that the best way I can.

I’m grateful for what I have. Not just personal possessions, but the people in my life, the love that we have and the health that I have. There is nothing more to be grateful for than that.


I'm a writer. I'm also a wife and a parent who works too much and lives too little. In addition to writing I also love to read, listen to music, travel, cook, I enjoy looking for bargains at flea markets or thrift stores, Christmas, football and of course writing! How did I come up with the title of my blog? Two things: 1. I live in New England (duh) and 2. Canadian singer Alan Frew once arrogantly told me to "get a New England life"--again--DUH! I already HAVE one!