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Do The World A Favor

This week the world was faced with the words of a dimwit who declared that childhood diseases should make a return, as it would prevent future generations from getting cancer.

This week much of the world let those words dissipate as there are more people in the world who know the importance of vaccinations.  If you believe otherwise, that is your foolish choice and you will need to live with the potential consequences.  Unfortunately, so will your children.  If they live.

As long as there are still communicable diseases and foolish people, it will be necessary to get vaccinated.  Because if the disease itself doesn’t get you, the foolish people carrying the disease will.

Getting vaccinated isn’t going to turn you into a zombie.  It’s not going to make you get cooties.  And, contrary to popular belief, it won’t suddenly make you autistic.  It doesn’t work that way.

Do yourself, your children and the rest of the world a favor:  get vaccinated.

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Today I Saw The Future

Today was Saturday.

After sitting in stuffy classrooms all week, children long for Saturday.  Just like their adult counterparts, they use the weekend to unwind, to have fun, to maybe do things they didn’t have time to do during the week because of their school obligations.

But because of the NRA and the members of Congress who support the NRA (and are ass-fucked by the NRA), children who would normally be spending time at the mall, going to the movies, maybe a birthday party, or just chilling with Mom and Dad or doing whatever, spent their Saturday marching the city streets of America, even the city streets of other countries, in a march for their lives.  Saturdays shouldn’t be spent like this for anyone, least of all children.  Yet in 2018, here we are.

The kids who spoke and marched today are the future leaders of our country and the world.  They have shown more than once that they are strong, they are resilient and they won’t take shit from anyone.  My thirteen year old daughter is one of them.  The NRA and members of Congress, especially the GOP, should fear the future.  I, for one, look forward to it.