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Going In the Wrong Direction

Where once Massachusetts seemed to be doing so well in the coronavirus war, we have somehow gotten out of control. Considering recent incidents I have witnessed, I can see why.

There’s nothing like standing in line at a pharmacy waiting to get a flu shot and having the elderly man in front of you coughing his head off. Then you later see the same man wearing a facemask–down over his chin.

In the same pharmacy I witnessed a man approach the pharmacy desk–with no facemask on. As the 98-year-old woman going to get her flu shot passed by.

My sister, who works in a grocery store, tells me of this crazy guy who comes in several times a week wearing a winter hat, carrying a Macy’s bag and wearing no mask. When he is told he needs to wear a mask, he laughs and says “well, you’re wearing a mask so we’re all set”. My sister said if she could do it and not get fired, she’d rip off her mask, cough in his face and tell him now he’s all set too. He now has coronavirus. The only thing this nut job buys is six pounds of ripe bananas. Either he has a pet monkey or he really is a looney tune.

The problem with these scenarios, and part of the reason why Massachusetts is through the roof once again with cases, after doing so well, is that the management in these places isn’t doing anything about the problem people that are visiting. And once these problem people visit and get away with it, they think they can every time.

The other day one of them ranted and raved at the manager at Customer Service in the supermarket because he was spoken to about not having a mask on. He whipped out his alleged “I have a disability and don’t need a mask” card and the customer service rep let it go. What she really should have done was call security and have his mask less ass hauled out of the store and banned from the store for life.

My sister, who is a cashier at this store, told me this scenario:

Customer: (sigh) I’m so sick of having to wear a mask

Sis: Considering I have a friend who is in the hospital on a ventilator right now due to Covid, I think wearing a mask is a good idea.

Not sure, but I think that bitch will think twice in the future before complaining about wearing a mask.

With the rising cases, do I think it’s wise of Governor Baker to warrant an increase in restaurant seating, open venues and arcades, roller rinks, museums, etc.? Even if they’re just in the “good” communities? Do I think it’s wise of my school district to be planning on having athletics and working on a hybrid plan to get the high schoolers back in school before Thanksgiving? Not exactly. Not with between 500–700-plus cases popping up every day. What happens when we start seeing the numbers we saw back in March? One-thousand plus cases. Every day. Then what?

Considering most have the freedom to go just about anywhere they want if they wear a mask, they should keep in mind those who cannot go anywhere because they cannot wear a mask. Like my autistic sister Peggy and most of the people who attend her day program, which they haven’t been to in over six months. Most of these people, my sister included, haven’t stepped foot in a store, a salon, a bar, a museum, a zoo, amusement park, beach or restaurant since March. I’m lucky I can even visit my sister at all and the most we can do is go for a ride. I can’t take her anywhere except to my house for a visit and that’s not too fun for her. So it really angers me when people who have all the liberties in the world with the simple use of a goddamn facemask are bitching and complaining. And the ones who do have the ability to wear a fucking mask won’t because they’re too goddamn ignorant.

You know the old saying “one bad apple spoils the whole bunch”? Well, those few out there are the bad apples. And they’re the ones spoiling the whole bunch.

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Face masks–they work

Face masks.  No, they’re not pretty and they’re far from comfortable.  But I do believe they are helping keep the daily coronavirus cases down.  At least in Massachusetts and many other states.  Remarkably, there are only 15 states, and Washington, DC, currently, that require them.  Research has shown that if they had been required nation wide months ago, we could’ve knocked our cases down by 80%.  Now we’re on track for half a million cases by Christmas, especially if Florida has anything to do with it.

For the past several weeks the country, mainly in the south, has seen an influx of positive cases.  Ironically, those states, namely Florida, Arizona and Texas, don’t require people to wear face masks.

Florida is right where Massachusetts was two months ago.  They’re on the verge of reaching 100,000 cases tomorrow.  Massachusetts is at 107,000 cases now and that’s only because we became transparent in our reporting only a few weeks ago.  And we’ve come so far.  We were the third highest in the country.  Now the tables have been turned.  Where the three hot spots once were NY, NJ and MA, they now appear to be FL, AZ and TX.  NY, NJ and MA require face masks.  FL, AZ and TX do not.  Do the math.

Florida had close to 3500 new cases today alone.  To put it in perspective, Massachusetts reported 125 cases today.  It was only a month ago when it seemed we couldn’t get out of the thousands.

You’re a fool if you think the coronavirus is going away any time soon.  It’s not.  It may never go away, even if there is a vaccine.  There’s a vaccine for the flu and that doesn’t go away.  And people who get the flu have been known to have to wear face masks.  So for your own safety and the safety of others, wear a damn mask when you’re out in public.  Even if your state doesn’t require it.