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Still Missing: Brittany Tee

It’s been about a month-and-a-half since this young woman disappeared from Brookfield, Massachusetts. In that time not much has been said regarding the search for this person, other than her face being posted all over the general area and a few Facebook pages being created.

In reading said Facebook pages, I’ve come to discover that people, no matter how “helpful” they may feel they are, they really aren’t anything but just curious about a person that most of them don’t even know. I don’t even know her but in doing some simple searching I’ve learned more about her than most of the people on the Facebook page know. Which has led to many of my own personal theories. Just like many on the Facebook page have.

I learned through a Facebook page (not THE Facebook page for Brittany, but another one) that Brittany was in a ten-year relationship with a guy and they broke it off in 2018 (allegedly she left him for his best friend, according to a comment on his Facebook page) and he left the area at that time. I know this was five years ago and I’m sure in that time she had many boyfriends. And their breakup probably has nothing to do with her disappearance. Or does it in some way?

I learned through a newspaper article that Brittany worked at the liquor store so many say she worked at. Yes, she worked there. As a manager. For three years. And had left that job eight months before her disappearance. Again, that may or may not have anything to do with her disappearance.

I know in reading through many of the posts and comments on the Facebook page that many feel/know there was an intervention the day before she disappeared. Per a newspaper article she allegedly did spend time with her mother and sister the day before she disappeared so it is quite possible there was an intervention. Although the family has denied this. But that is understandable. Who wants to admit their loved one has an addiction problem and there was an intervention? Speaking of interventions I know for a fact that most interventions do not go well. After all, a bunch of people involved in the addict’s life are butting in and telling them/making them do something they have no desire to do. Of course there would be conflict.

Which leads to my next theory and the theory of many: that she left on her own. Because she was angry. I can guarantee the reason she left her house on a Tuesday in January at 8:30 in the evening is because she got into a fight/disagreement with someone she was living with. Whether that was the “boyfriend” or any of the other alleged people who live in the house (or maybe all of them), who knows? But if I had gotten into a fight with someone at 8:30 in the evening and felt like everyone was after me to change my ways, I’d probably head out the door too.

Many ask why she didn’t take her car. Per many articles, I guess the car is a piece of shit and doesn’t run well or maybe wasn’t running at all. Then again, if you are upset and maybe even intoxicated in some way, is taking a car for a drive the best decision? I’ve also read her car is a white Jeep but in the pictures I saw of the police searching a car (assuming it’s hers), the car was not a white Jeep. So maybe the car in that picture was not her car.

I’ve heard many discrepancies about the phone. We know she had a phone and supposedly she had it with her. Some things I’ve read say she left her SIM card behind (which if anyone doesn’t want to be found is something they would do). Then again, her phone allegedly “pinged” near the state police barracks in town. I’m not a phone expert but I don’t know of a phone that will “ping” without a SIM card. So if she had removed her original SIM card, maybe she replaced it with another one. Who knows?

Many assume she was heading to the liquor store. She left her house allegedly at 8:30 p.m. The liquor store closes at 9:00 p.m. Would she have made it there in time? And who would she have seen/been meeting there? And if she did see anyone there, have they said anything about it? Because there’s been nothing said in regards to that.

Many say she was so close with her family and this going off is so unlike her. Yet so many families do not know the ins and outs of everyone’s lives. Many do not know of “secret” friends someone may have, especially if they have an addiction problem. In fact, families are often the last to know about any kind of secrecy their loved one may have.

I have many theories:

  1. The D.A. initially told everyone to check their sheds and barns. Have any of the homeless camps been checked? There are numerous homeless people living in the woods in Spencer. Even homeless camps in Worcester should be checked.
  2. I still wonder about the dumpsters. Were they checked?
  3. I know many have brought up hospitals/addiction centers. And yes, HIPAA will stand in these instances.
  4. If she is alive and wants to be found, she will make herself found
  5. If she is alive and doesn’t want to be found, she will do everything in her power to never be found
  6. If she’s dead she may or may not be found.
  7. I don’t know, and it’s never been mentioned, if she had any money or credit cards with her. If she did, it helps the “leaving on her own” theory. Then again, even if she didn’t, with the right friends you can make “leaving on your own” happen just as easily.

As much as the posters may be helpful, Brittany has such a plain and ordinary face, it may actually be difficult to find her. For instance, within the past month I have seen at least three women that could have passed for Brittany. I have a close friend that resembles her greatly and she has been stopped by a few people to question if she is Brittany. I know someone who swears they had Brittany as a customer in her store a few weeks after she disappeared and she was going to say something but she didn’t because the customer had an earring in her nose. We don’t see an earring in Brittany’s nose in those pictures.

Which brings up another subject nobody has mentioned: If Brittany Tee is indeed alive and does not want to be found, who says she has not altered her appearance in some way? We are all looking for a brown-haired blue-eyed woman. Do we know if she had any piercings? Tattoos? If not, who says she doesn’t have them now? Her hair is long. Maybe she had it cut. Dyed it black/blonde/red/purple. Is wearing glasses. There are many, many different ways she could have altered her appearance by now, people. Assuming, of course, she is alive and doesn’t want to be found.

Also, we know she left wearing a hoodie, black coat, jeans and work boots. Do you honestly think she is still wearing those same items of clothing by now? If she is indeed alive. Shit no. And come June, if she is indeed alive and walking about, do you think she’s going to be wearing a black winter coat, jeans and boots? For fuck’s sake, NO! TIME TO START THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX PEOPLE! ASSUMING SHE IS ALIVE!

And I got thinking the other day: what if I was in a store and thought I saw her (which is exactly what happened to me at Walmart the other day). What am I supposed to do? Go up to her and ask if she’s Brittany Tee? Like she’s going to tell me, especially if she doesn’t want to be found. And say it was her. Who says she wouldn’t run off? At that time do I call the tip line and tell them “hey, I think I just saw Brittany Tee at store XYZ. Better hurry up down here and get her”.

She may have even changed her name by now. Her entire identity. Who knows? Assuming she is still alive. And doesn’t want to be found. For all we know people see her every day and because they’ve become so accustomed to seeing her face plastered all over the place, they just walk on by. Because it really couldn’t be her after all.

One final theory: assuming she is still alive, she may be afraid/embarrassed to reveal herself. After all, the police have been searching for her, have questioned everyone she has ever known and her picture is all over the general region and beyond. Who would want to come out of hiding to be faced with nothing but scrutiny and interrogations?

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Define “Dramatically Different Place”

Yesterday Governor Charlie Baker stated that he is not changing his stance on masks for the state of Massachusetts because our state is in a “dramatically different place” than many other states.

Define “dramatically different place”. Are we in a “dramatically different place” because we don’t have our hospitals filled to capacity and not an ICU bed in sight? Are we in a “dramatically different place” because three-quarters of our state have received at least one shot? Although there is a quarter of our state who haven’t received any shots.

Until Massachusetts reaches and remains at zero cases, hospitalizations and deaths, we are “in the same place” as any other state in the country that is fighting the coronavirus. Baker also has to remember that the majority of our students have not even gone back to school yet. That’s when the real fun will begin.

There’s nothing “dramatically different” about people experiencing and dealing with a pandemic day in and day out. Our state’s experience may not be as dramatic as another’s, but it certainly isn’t different. Because Delta is not any better here than it is in Texas or Florida. It is the same highly contagious variant no matter where you are.