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A Little Tweet Told Me

Word on the street is that narcissist Elon Musk has now acquired Twitter and has fired the CEO and CFO, possibly some other people as well. Oh, and Twitter has been delisted from the NYSE. Not that I had any stock in it.

So what does this mean? Nobody really knows. Many feel it is the beginning of the end of Twitter. Which may be a good thing, since much of what Twitter has become, in some ways, is a cesspool. All I know is if the asshole has any sense, he’ll keep someone on his staff who has some knowledge of running a social media platform. Because he has no clue. It’s kind of like having someone with no knowledge of baking running a bakery. Expect disaster.

And as far as him restoring the banned assholes accounts, it doesn’t mean the decent people on Twitter should have a mass exodus. Nobody says you have to follow any assholes he may reinstate. Unless the Narcissistic One removes the mute or block buttons, you can still mute and block the assholes. And like I said, if the Narcissistic One does too much damage, he’ll bring down the entire platform and then he’ll have nothing.

And that won’t be any fun for him or anyone else, will it? I personally think he’s just a bored, narcissistic asshole who has nothing better to do. Remember: everything happens for a reason.