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Making America Embarrassed Again…and again…and again

Donald Trump has gone and embarrassed America yet again.  What’s new?

Today’s embarrassment was probably the worst so far (but stay tuned…tomorrow’s another day).  Today this dotard referred to other countries of the world, mainly Haiti and unspecified African countries, as “shitholes”.  But I’d really love to ask this moron if it’s actually the “countries” he thinks are “shitholes” or mainly the “people” who either live there or have immigrated here.  Because, they’re not from Norway and, you know, his racist ass…

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is our classy, professional “president” representing us.  Working hard to make us more and more embarrassed every day.  That’s about all he’s working hard at because he sure as hell isn’t doing any kind of leading for this country.  Unless you count leading us into the ground.

Imagine how people who currently live or have lived in those “shitholes” must feel.  The people from these “shitholes” and “shitholes” other than Haiti and unspecified African countries are what have made America.  The people from “shithole” Ireland.  The people from “shithole” Germany.  The people from “shithole” Syria, Pakistan (fill in the blank with any “shithole” Middle Eastern country).  You name it.  America is a melting “shithole” made up of people from all kinds of “shitholes” all over the world.  We ourselves have become a “shithole”.  We are probably the shittiest “shithole” country on the planet.  What other country can say they are one of the wealthiest yet have children without enough to eat?  What other country can boast they have an asshole idiot for a “president” who wants to eliminate everything put in place to protect the citizens, from environmental protections to healthcare?  Only America.  The shittiest “shithole” of all.




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Why I Don’t Think Trump Will Resign–And I Hope I’m Wrong

With so many people (myself included) calling for ASSHOLE’S resignation from “President”, I don’t think a resignation is going to happen.  And I hope I’m wrong.

ASSHOLE resigning would be the easiest way to get rid of him without affecting anyone else.  All he has to do is draft up some kind of letter, misspellings and all, and present it to whomever (probably Congress).  That would be it.  We would be done with him.

There are a few reasons why I don’t think ASSHOLE will resign:

  1.  He’s a narcissist.  He’s not going to give up the ego-boosting that easily.
  2. Although he has failed at just about everything, he has control of the “presidency” unless he resigns, is impeached (or via the 25th Amendment) or is killed.  He has no control over being impeached or killed.  He does, however, have control over resigning.
  3. If he resigns he can’t blame anyone else for it.  Although I’m sure he’d try.  I can hear it now:  “Obama made me resign!”  Of course if he gets impeached, which is what I do think will happen, the blame game  will be played to the hilt.  He’ll blame everyone including his mother for being impeached.  But he’ll never blame himself.
  4. As long as there are people stupid enough to support him, he’ll never resign.
  5. To ASSHOLE resigning from the “presidency” would be the ultimate in failure. Way bigger than any of his businesses going bust.
  6. It’s difficult to convince someone as delusional as ASSHOLE that he should resign.  He doesn’t feel he has done anything wrong where resignation is necessary.
  7. He lives in a fantasy world where, if he had his way, he’d be “president” forever.
  8. He owes too many shady people too many shady things.  And too many shady people have too many shady things on him.
  9. He is well aware he is under investigation (although he will deny it).  Being the “president” makes him feel “safe”.  He believes that as long as he’s “president” he can get away with anything.  Of course, we all know this isn’t true.
  10. If he resigns his tweets won’t get the kind of attention they get now.  Not that any of them are significant in any way, but sometimes they sure as hell are hysterical!

Even if the end for ASSHOLE comes to impeachment (and I think it will), I still don’t think he’ll resign before being impeached.  He’ll deny the impeachment the entire way.  He’ll lie his way through everything.  Perjure himself.  Obstruct justice.  Shit, he already has.  And through it all he could’ve simply resigned.

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Here’s the “Skinny” on “the Skinny”

As of this moment the bozos in Washington are dicking around with an 8-page “bill” that took them seven years to create.  They call this the “skinny repeal” plan because it repeals some of the ACA.  The problem I have with it is what it repeals.

The “skinny repeal” plan would likely eliminate the individual mandate, which requires nearly all Americans to obtain health insurance or pay a penalty.

This is the part of the ACA that young people have been bitching about.  They’ve been bitching about it because they’re young and healthy so their thinking is “why should I be required to pay for insurance if I don’t need it”.  That’s like someone saying they’ve been driving for twenty years, have never gotten a speeding ticket and have never been in an accident.  Why should I have auto insurance?  I’m a great driver.  Then one day–BOOM!  They hit someone, total their car and send the other party to the hospital.  Bet they wish they had auto insurance.

It’s the same thing with health insurance.  You’re a 20-something young stud, never smoked, don’t drink or do drugs, eat right, exercise, do all the right things.  But one day you start to feel “not right”.  You start to become clumsy.  Your stamina has gone AWOL.  You lose complete sensation in both your arms at the same time.  After many, many visits to many, many doctors and many, many medical bills you have had to pay out-of-pocket from your $15.00 an hour job because you were too ignorant to get health insurance, you learn that you have Multiple Sclerosis.  Health insurance would be nice right about now.

On the surface the option of not being required to buy health insurance may seem appealing to some.  Shit, we could all save a lot of money, right? Maybe take that dream vacation we’ve always wanted but won’t be able to take because we now have cancer and are bankrupt from all the bills we couldn’t pay.  Because we didn’t buy the health insurance.  Because we didn’t have to.  But now we wish we had.  Coulda.  Shoulda.  Woulda.  Didn’t.  Do you think Washington gives a fuck about your bad decision?  They should all be shot for even wanting to give you the fucking option!

Then there is the elimination of the employer mandate, which obligates larger companies to provide affordable coverage to their full-time workers.  The company I work for is a rather large company and I do obtain health insurance for me and my family through them.  If they are given the option to eliminate affordable coverage, what kind of health insurance options am I going to have as an employee?  Great, they can save money by offering some watered down shit plan.  Oooh, maybe they’ll install new windows with their savings.  Christ, the plan they offer now isn’t even that great but it’s first class compared to the health insurance offered at my husband’s company and at a few other companies I know of.  I can’t imagine what the plan would be like if they were only “obligated” to offer the “minimum”.  I’d probably be better off with nothing.

A little over a month ago President Barack Obama posted a message on Facebook regarding the Republican plan.  One thing he said that stood out to me was:

“Simply put, if there’s a chance you might get sick, get old, or start a family—this bill will do you harm. And small tweaks over the course of the next couple weeks, under the guise of making these bills easier to stomach, cannot change the fundamental meanness at the core of this legislation.”  

Folks, this means all of us.  We’re only human.  You know at some point in your life you will get sick, even if it’s just the common cold.  Hopefully you will live long enough to get old but along with age comes a myriad of health issues from simple ailments to complex diseases.  And you may or may not start a family.  But if you have any kind of dependent in your life, whether it’s a child or spouse, they may rely on you for health insurance.

WHY WOULDN’T YOU WANT IT??????????????

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I know this  may sound crazy but hear me out:  when all is said and done I really hope the whole “repeal and replace” healthcare bullshit passes.  You know why?  Because some people need to be taught a lesson and also because everything happens for a reason

Right now there are still fools who saunter out to pep rallies to listen to a blustering asshole.  They listen to him whine about his ban being banned.  They shout “lock her up” when the asshole mentions the opponent he illegally beat four months ago.  They troll anti-asshole people on social media and defend asshole in everything from his false allegations of wire-tapping to all the press coverage about Russia that is “fake news”.  They even believe their microwaves talk to them!

The smart followers have seen enough and have learned.  They know the end is near for this asshole and they should cut their losses while they can.  The stupid ones, the fools schlepping off to time-wasting pep rallies meant to only bolster the ego of an asshole, will never learn.  That is, until it’s too late.

These people are the ones who don’t want to believe that a 64-year-old making $25,000 a year will be paying half of his yearly salary in health insurance benefits.  They think it’s “fake news”.  They think it’s propaganda.  They think all that is just being said because the people speaking it are anti-asshole.  Yet the very people who don’t want to, or refuse to believe are the very 64-year-olds who will see this happen to them.  Then, as the old saying goes, “they’ll be sorry”.

Unfortunately if this shit GOP health insurance “replacement” gets passed, unless you are some insurance CEO, you’re not going to win.  That means most of us are fucked.  And if you are low-income, disabled or elderly, you’re even more fucked.  You’re fucked even if you voted for asshole.  Chances are you’re even more fucked because you’re more than likely in the elderly bracket.

This is where my theory of “everything happens for a reason” comes in.

So many have bitched and complained about Obamacare over the years.  The premiums are too high.  I’m healthy as a horse.  I don’t need medical insurance.  I don’t like being forced to get health insurance.  Blah, blah, blah.  So with the “replacement” plan, you don’t have to do any of that.  Naw, you won’t be forced to get insurance.  You may be 65 but you have no health issues.  Then when you hit 67 you develop Type 2 diabetes.  Oh, shit.  Now you need the health insurance.  Guess what?  You can get the health insurance–for 30% more than you would’ve paid two years before.  How are you going to pull that one off working only part-time?  And forget Medicare because that’s virtually nothing now.  You really are fucked.

Obamacare is starting to look pretty good right about now, isn’t it?


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All the continuous rambling bullshit about voter fraud has brought many questions to my mind:

1. After all these months why the fuck does ASSHOLE care so much? He fucking won the “election”, just drop it. Or maybe ASSHOLE has something to hide.  Which I’m certain he does.

2. If so many voted “illegally”, how do we know they didn’t really vote for ASSHOLE and not Clinton? Because he didn’t win the popular vote? That’s only because ASSHOLE isn’t POPULAR!

I want to see PROOF that nobody voted ILLEGALLY FOR ASSHOLE. Like his daughter Trumpette or President Bannon. Because we know they are registered in more than one state.

3. Ayotte lost because she’s a nasty bitch cunt.

4. If any of you have proof that people from MA were bused into NH to vote, I’m curious to know what towns were they from in MA?  I live in a MA town of barely 2,000 people.  Most of my town voted Republican.  Were people from my town bused to NH?  How about that little town out in the Berkshires with the population of barely 500?  Anyone from there get bused to NH?

5. Why are you saying people were only bused in from MA? Many other states border NH, including ME and VT.  Maybe you should question whether anyone was bused in from those states too.

6. I also want to know where in NH these alleged “bused” in people from MA voted in NH. Did they go to Dixville Notch? Nashua? Manchester? Concord? Some remote, sparsely populated area of the White Mountains? One can’t imagine that all those voters bused into NH from MA would illegally vote at the same place!

7. Please provide us with the name of the alleged bus company who drove the people from MA to NH and then back again. Was it Peter Pan? Greyhound? Fox Tours? Some no name brand company? Please don’t tell us it was a school bus! We won’t believe you!

Then again, we don’t believe your sorry asses anyway. Because if you had any actual “proof” you would’ve revealed it by now instead of playing your fucking games! ASSHOLES!!!!!!

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Being Human

The bullshit that has occurred in the past two days goes way beyond a matter of religion.

It goes way beyond the matter of “keeping America safe”, “making America great again”, or “making America safe again”.

What has occurred in the past two days is something that has disheartened myself and millions of others, not just in America but around the world.

Our fellow human beings have been hurt.  They have been humiliated, bullied, interrogated, detained for hours, sent back to war-torn places they were escaping from.  You name it.  Our fellow human beings have seen it all in the past forty-eight-plus hours.

Why has it come to this?  Because some ASSHOLE who calls himself “president” didn’t have the decency to think through what may happen to his fellow human beings if he just suddenly signed a document on Friday afternoon and called it a day.  He didn’t have the decency because he doesn’t give a shit about his fellow human beings.  He’s made it quite clear in the nine days he’s been “in office” that it’s all about himself.  And maybe his “administration”, whom he will probably toss under the bus eventually.

I would love ASSHOLE to use what little brains he has and put himself into the place of the human beings he hurt with his “ban”.  I would love him to experience the fear of being a woman arriving at JFK to visit her surgeon husband only to be told that she cannot enter the United States.  I wonder how he’d feel being the eighty-something-year-old gentleman in a wheelchair who was interrogated for hours.  Or if he had been someone waiting for a loved one to arrive, only to learn that they had been told to return to where they came from.  I would love for him to consider all of that.  But I know he never would because that’s not how sociopathic narcissists think.

As I always say, everything happens for a reason.  At this moment the “reason” is to bring fellow human beings together in solidarity against hate and discrimination.  There are more of us than there are of them.

Karma and We The People will catch up with ASSHOLE.  He may not know the Constitution, The Geneva Convention or the United States Refugee Act but that’s no excuse for violating them.  It is, however, great grounds for impeachment.

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If He Doesn’t Like You, Boycott HIM!

We all know that journalists have a job to inform the public of things happening in the world.  That’s what they do.

From yesterday’s fiasco of a “press conference” in which ASSHOLE didn’t act much like a human being, I guess it would be safe to say that he doesn’t like journalists of any kind.  Especially when they ask him questions he doesn’t like.

Journalists have very important things to cover for the public domain.  They don’t need to be wasting their time on some lying whiny narcissistic ASSHOLE when there are way more important things to cover.  Like moss growing on trees.

So to journalists and general members of the press, even camera crews, here is what I propose:  BOYCOTT ASSHOLE.  Completely.  BOYCOTT his “inauguration”.  Nobody’s going to watch it anyway so why waste your time covering it?

BOYCOTT any press conferences he may have (which shouldn’t be many; he prefers to hide behind Twitter). BOYCOTT the State of the Union addresses he may have (still wondering if he knows he’s supposed to have these). For any event where you would normally interview ASSHOLE or photograph him, BOYCOTT it.  Better yet: IGNORE him COMPLETELY!  Narcissists HATE that!

Seriously.  All the news outlets should get together and do this.  Newspapers included.  BOYCOTT anything and everything that has to do with ASSHOLE, sit back and enjoy the laughs.


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Repeal this!

Although the Affordable Care Act does not affect me as much as it may affect others, I still need to express how I feel about its possible repeal.

You know why most of Congress hates ACA?  Because they didn’t create it.  It bothers them (most of them are Republicans) that a Democrat came up with a way for everyone in his country to have health insurance and they didn’t.

To even consider doing away with part of or all of healthcare coverage for Americans is selfish.  Yet that is what Congress is on the verge of doing.  As I write this Jackass Ryan is holding a Town Hall meeting during which he has stated that they will repeal and replace Obamacare at the same time.  That’s what they all keep saying but yet, as with ASSHOLE, they never tell you how they plan on doing it.  Considering it took years to create Obamacare and get it up and running, to come up with something of an equal or greater quality could take a while.  And if they come up with some cracker jack two-bit healthcare offer?  Good luck in getting that passed.  That’s if they come up with anything at all.  Because like ASSHOLE, they have no plan.  Meanwhile who suffers?  We do.

One of my biggest fears is their doing away with the acceptance of people with pre-existing conditions.  I’m diabetic, my husband has Multiple Sclerosis and my daughter has Asperger’s.  Guess where we are if suddenly we lose our job(s) causing us to lose our insurance?  Not in a good place, that’s for certain.

And if ASSHOLE had his way, the entire ACA would be abolished with no intention of a replacement plan.  That’s because he doesn’t care about anyone but himself.  He talks a lot, says very little and what he says you can’t believe.  If there is anything that is “fake”, it’s him.  So if he tells  you he’s going to keep this part and that part of ACA, don’t count on it.  We all know how “trustworthy” ASSHOLE is.  He could care less if all Americans had health insurance.

So, if this does happen, if the entire ACA is done away with, here is what I’m going to suggest to everyone in America who will lose their health insurance:  when you need medical care of any kind, send your bills to ASSHOLE at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,Washington DC 20050.  ASSHOLE has enough money.  He’ll take care of ALL THE BILLS, since it was his great idea to take away your health insurance!  Make copies of the bills because if ASSHOLE refuses the bills you can send them to Jackass Ryan at Capital Hill.  Shit, if somebody has to pay your medical bills it may as well be the pricks with all the money who took your health insurance away.



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“Greatness is never a given. It must be earned” – President Barack Obama

A #ThrowbackThursday moment in honor of President Obama.  Originally posted on inauguration day, January 20, 2009.  That day I was very proud to say I was an American.  I wish I could get that feeling back.  Maybe in four years I will. Maybe I’ll have a few laughs during that time.  Until then I’ll slog on…

This is just one of many insightful, motivational statements the new President of the United States made today as he was officially sworn into office.

To Bush I say:  It was a long, painful eight years.  Good riddance.

To Obama I say:  I look forward to the next four years; and if those go okay, maybe we’ll see another four

In Bush’s defense I must say he seemed to be looking pretty solemn in his last days as Prez.  I often thought he was having regrets about stuff he had done or should have done during his term.  In my own mind I consider him the “woulda, coulda, shoulda but didn’t” president.

I’d be foolish if I didn’t say us Americans have a long, hard road ahead of us.  We do.  But I believe that we finally have the right individual to lead us into a much brighter, prosperous future.

Today is a day I am so proud to say I am an AMERICAN!

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A favor for you, a win for me and to hell with everyone else

Am I the only person on the planet who strongly feels that there was/is money/favors being passed between ASSHOLE and Putin?  I really hope not.

I don’t consider myself a political or foreign expert but many questions come to mind when thinking about this whole Russia DNC/email hacking thing.  And so much of it is blatantly obvious.

My main questions are about ASSHOLE himself.  Why is he defending Russia so much?  Why would he do that?  Wouldn’t he do that if he owed them something or they owed him something?  Why would he say it was “time to move on to bigger and better things” if he was not trying to hide something?  Then he reluctantly agreed (probably as advised by his advisers) to an intel briefing.  As if this whole thing is just a “walk in the park”.  This is serious shit and for some reason ASSHOLE is refusing to take it very seriously.

Why is ASSHOLE siding with Wikileaks ASSHOLE ASSANGE, saying Wikileaks did not get emails from Russia?  First off, why would any DECENT human being side with ASSHOLE ASSANGE?  Secondly, if Wikileaks did not get emails from Russia, WHERE did they get them from?  Why isn’t either ASSHOLE telling us?

Why did ASSHOLE tell reporters on New Year’s Eve that hacking is a “very hard thing to prove” and that he knows “things that other people don’t know, and so [intelligence officials] cannot be sure of the situation.”  Trump promised to reveal what he proclaims to know Tuesday or Wednesday.  Well, Tuesday and Wednesday have come and gone and lo and behold, ASSHOLE STILL has yet to tell us about all the “things” he knows that “other people don’t know”.  Like, maybe, how he became such an ASSHOLE?

Why did ASSHOLE tweet “The ‘Intelligence’ briefing on so-called ‘Russian hacking’ was delayed until Friday, perhaps more time needed to build a case. Very strange!”  No, the only thing strange about that is that it came right out of ASSHOLE’S PIE HOLE that he would “reveal” what he “proclaimed” to know on TUESDAY OR WEDNESDAY.  ASSHOLE’S briefing was ALWAYS scheduled for FRIDAY!  Why would they brief ASSHOLE BEFORE they brief the CURRENT POTUS?  They didn’t brief the CURRENT POTUS until THURSDAY!  Once again ASSHOLE really needs to get his story straight.

Per CNN ASSHOLE has been publicly skeptical of Russia’s involvement in the hacking, as well as has been publicly deriding the US intelligence community for its unanimous conclusion that Russia hacked Democratic Party groups and individuals to interfere in the US presidential election.  Why is this?  Why would he dis the US intelligent community, an organization he may need to work with in the future?  Unless he is trying to hide something.  He’s acting like the kid who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar and is trying to deny it!

Officials told CNN there’s been a disconnect between ASSHOLE’S remarks about the intelligence community and his behind-the-scenes behavior when he’s present at private intel briefings.  Why is he being so two-faced, acting one way in talking about the intelligence community and then another when actually meeting with them?  We all know he’s psycho but is he schizo also?  Then again, since he IS a narcissist, he could have MANY different personalities.  There is that story where he pretended to be his own representative for a “People” magazine article, so I guess schizophrenia is a possibility!

Why is he calling the whole Russia debate a “witch hunt” if he has nothing to hide?  That statement has guilt written all over it.

Of course on Saturday ASSHOLE had to go on Twitter and state that “only ‘stupid’ people don’t want good ties with Russia”.  To that I say:  No, ASSHOLE, only STUPID ASSHOLE FOOLS like YOURSELF would fall into the hands of Russia, as you have, so you can be Putin’s little “puppet”. Then again, you owe him since you paid him and his cronies off. When you are “president” Russia will NOT respect us; they won’t have to, ASSHOLE—because THEY WILL FUCKING OWN US!!!!! And we’ll owe it ALL TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then again, maybe this is what ASSHOLE has wanted all along…